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Posted in White Angels & Black Studs on 2008-12-13 14:26:12

She speaks the truth gary. Be glad you have a female like her. You have no idea how many of us whiteboys would love to be in your shoes.

You must offer her your assistance in her quest for the ultimate black sexual experiences, not resistance. Instead of asking her why she won't do for you what she does for them, ask her if she would allow you to get her off again with your tongue.

This would do two things. It would show her that you love her and it would get you more sexual cooperation from her because she will see that you are trying to add to her sexual satisfaction instead of competing for it.

You may think that's gross or whatever, but I am willing to bet that before, during, and after your oral performance, you will be as hard as you can ever remember being, and she will be as wet as you have ever seen her. It will be a major turn on for both of you that will reap you bigger rewards than you would ever see by not doing it. Go For It!!

Posted in 70's Rock & Roll Battle Of The Bands Round Two on 2007-02-24 15:04:09

I thought it would be kind of fun and interesting to match up these rock stars against each other and let the people that listen to their music decide which ones should move on to the next round, and which ones just were not quite good enough to advance. Look for the next three rounds of winners later as we determine the best one of all bands.