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Posted in Atheists and America on 2008-11-09 19:52:59

It is true that these laws exist, but they are so blatantly unconstitutional that they would never hold up if challenged. The real issue is that public opinion is so strongly against atheists that it would be incredibly difficult for an atheist to actually get elected to anything. There is a survey by the University of Minnesota (I think) that determined that atheists are the most mistrusted minority in America, even more so than gays or Muslims.

Posted in Religion? Fact or Fiction? on 2008-11-03 00:15:15

I think most of Suzi's comments are valid, though I'm pretty sure there are real errors in the Bible. However, I'm surprised, Suzi, that your last statement on homosexuality didn't strike you as a little fishy. According to the Bible, God dislikes homosexuality. Not sure why, but he seems to feel very strongly about it. Now homosexuality was either created by God, or it wasn't. I don't know why God would've created something he doesn't want to exist, and you say there is no suggestion that he did. So how did it get there? Did God slip up and throw it in accidentally? Or did it come from somewhere else and God was simply helpless to stop its creation? I don't think it's necessary for free will, since you don't have to be gay to have free will. Even if it was, then God would have created it after all. Another possibility is that God secretly does like homosexuality, but if that were the case then he probably would have made it more common and more accepted. That also requires some pretty creative interpretation (or more like throwing out) of the Bible. Unless you've got another explanation, the only answer left I see is that He didn't stop its creation because he doesn't actually exist.

Posted in Atheists Only on 2008-10-03 05:32:16

Sorry Shadowwatcher, but your definition is incorrect. "Atheism" comes from "A," meaning not or without; and "theism," meaning belief in a god of some sort. Therefore "atheism" is simply absence of belief in God. "Agnosticism" basically means being on the fence, whether they're just not sure which stance to take or whether they don't think either view can be endorsed. Both an atheist and an agnostic could answer no to the question "are you sure there is no god?" However, only an atheist could answer no to the question "do you think there is any god?" A theist would of course say yes and an agnostic wouldn't be able to answer in one word.

As for the term spiritual atheist, my understanding is that it is an atheist who still feels like "there's something more to the universe" or, as has previously been suggested, feels toward the natural universe the same sense of spirituality that many feel towards their religion. I don't personally go for either, but when people say "spiritual atheist," I'm pretty sure that that is what they mean.

I would say it is unfair to dismiss the beliefs of some atheists that some kind of higher power created the universe as resulting from "neediness." Again, I personally don't agree with them, but at least many of them believe these things for logical reasons.

And Rico, here's a good quote to add to your list: "the Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion" - Treaty of Tripoli.

Posted in Does all of God's creation have a purpose? on 2008-02-15 02:38:40

Don't worry about it. Some douche just flagged all the polls, at least the ones in the religion section I just checked.

Posted in Race Issues in the United Kingdom on 2008-02-13 04:04:46

You Brits are racist as hell. Congratulations on being less tolerant than white Americans!