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I did have another baby and did do the very early potty training etc etc. She is made to go etc etc. My eldest daughter had a child young and I'm pleased to say is following the proper path regarding toileting despite HV guidance to the contrary.

I totally agree with you - toiletiing problems amongst children are on the increase due to parents being too afraid to enforce proper routines in most cases..I have seen this first hand with friends of my daughter where the kid blatantly needs to poo and the mother will not tell the child to go to the toilet let alone take them and sit them on it and order them to do a poo.

Posted in Genital Spanking on 2017-09-02 22:20:31

Does anyone use genital spanking as punishment during potty training ? I spank on the bottom for poo or wet knickers and my oldest girl gets spanked on her cumt for $%!@ing the bed

I have to say although it was a few years ago now my daughters were wearing tight short skirts etc without panties etc from about 9 years old when we went out. They would also play in the park like that. They have grown up to be very confident about their bodies and still do wear revealing clothing. When my eldest was about 13 we would go out places with her stepdad. She would wear micro minis without panties revealing her bum cheeks. Sometime it would be obvious that older boys and men would be following us. If she said she liked the look of a guy we would go into a retail store etc and leave her outside to let her get acquainted My partner and I both liked to see her getting chatted and disappearing into a secluded door way or alley way and we would discreetly watch.

What is your tougher regime of monitoring/discipline? Whilst I always found suppositories good for toilet training and punishment in those younger days as they have grown up I find withholding / getting constipated are best delt with by a strict daily toilet routine, must do a decent poo on the toilet every evening , no excuses like I've done it at school, they still have to stay on the toilet untill they produce if nothing's done after 1/2 hour then it's a reminder spank carried out in the bathroom and back on the toilet again for another 1/2 hour. To comments like ' I can't do it or I've done as much as I can or mum I'm constipated and it won't come out' the answer is - you know what happens if you don't do it/ do more. Followed by if necessary a hard spanking as a reminder. The 11 yr old doesn't usually need that - she is very well aware how much that spanking hurts, and stays on the toilet straining until checking does it, the younger one is getting the idea but keeps withholding if she can..