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User: sexy nikki


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Posted in Teenage Girls' Muscular Legs on 2005-06-07 04:27:52

need help .

check out girl wrestlng/make a man beg...go to talk and check out 14 year old girl beats man 32. He was my first and he was big and an awesome fighter, but he taught me. Now I love it. I beat up a few 16-19 year old football players in my high school. Now at 14, I look for big guys in my brother in laws gym. 26-37 and built"body builders". They are really strong and big. They don't know that I'm 14. Stilettos, nylons, short tight skirt, tight tops, I look 23 and I flirt with these guys. I try to go any where a little private. They underestimate you, so I joke about fighting a huge strong man. They start to touch me, and I get turned on because I know what comes next. Hit the weak spots hard, nose,neck,balls. Then wrap your legs around them and don't leg go. The pull, pinch, get desperate and finally pass out. I let go and then I wake them by standing over them with my shoe on their chest. That's when I love to rub it in that I'm 14 and I walk away. I love it when they see me and try to avoid me fast in humiliation. I love it. Who needs drugs. Seduce them, look sexy and fragile, then kick their $%!@. and rub it in.