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Posted in Girls punishment clothing on 2015-06-13 01:20:26

Hello Angelica and Susan,

You are not the only ones subjected to wearing punishment clothing and the use of school uniform by your mothers to enforce their will upon you. If you care to follow my posts back to several historic polls, including two which I posted several years ago, it can be seen that such treatment was not uncommon. Although my 'punishments' were not continuous they did carry on throughout my teens until my early twenties, until I was rescued by my university boyfriend, now my husband.

I have not been on Misterpoll for several years, this poll just popped up when I was looking for something else and it took a lot of head scratching to remember my password! It is surprising that such enforced juvenillation (Is there such a word?) is still used these days as a punishment, I was under the impression that there had been a recent change in the law outlawing humiliation as a punishment. From my own experience I feel deeply for you and hope that everything works out well for you in the future.

The ironic thing is that what my mother did to me as a punishment I now do to myself at home, to the amusement of my husband, although he did tell me that he did not want me to do it any more when he proposed to me over a Valentine's Day meal many years ago. He did not want people thinking that he made his wife dress as a schoolgirl or as a naughty child! Strange how things all work out in unexpected ways.

Wishing you both well for the future, Mary.

Posted in What lines have you written? on 2010-06-01 22:24:57

Those of you who know me from other topics already know that I often wear schoolgirl uniforms or knee-high socks with ordinary clothes to please my partner, now my husband.

Sometimes, if my uniform is not perfect, he has threatened me with having to write out lines as a penance. I know that he was not really serious but one weekend he threatened to give me a hundred lines for wearing my boots over my socks, with just an inch of sock showing at the top. Just for the hell of it I accepted the imposition and sat down to write out one hundred times, "Black knee high boots are not an acceptable part of my official school uniform." That took me about two hours of solid writing. He was quite astonished that I actually carried out my 'punishment' because, as you probably know, the whole uniform / kneesock thing between us is a voluntary affair which stems from from when he rescued me from compulsory uniform wearing at the hands of my demonic mother.

In the following couple of years I wrote out several sets of one hundred lines for various uniform ond other transgressions, all kept and neatly filed away in a box file. He is just too nice to take the lines and rip them up in front of me as some cruel schoolmaster might have done.

One weekend, ever to accept a challenge, I cheeked him to eventually upping the ante to five hundred lines. It took me all of Saturday to write them out, neatest handwriting with a fountain pen, all numbered, twenty-five to a sheet.

Just once I was given the ultimate challenge. One thousand lines for wearing my boots with my strict schoolgirl uniform. I had to wear the full uniform with the offending boots, black knee-high platforms with five-inch heels, all the time whilst I was writing. On the Friday evening I managed two hundred lines before bedtime and another six hundred took all day Saturday. The final two hundred I managed to complete on Sunday morning. As a compensation he took me out for lunch at our local chinese restaurant, the same one where he proposed to me a few years ago. Unfortunately, my fingers had become so numb and cramped with all that writing that I could not hold and work the chop sticks properly. However, a knife and fork sufficed.

Since then I have written out several sets of one hundred lines quite happily but have never again felt the urge for a greater challenge. Once was enough. I do not know anout anybody else but having completed a writing punishment I feel strangely clensed, a sort of light and pure feeling. Is that just me? The strangest thing of all is that, for all his huffing and puffing, I know that I do not actually have to accept the lines and he would not be the least bit offended if I did not carry out the imposition. I suppose that it is all about trust and limits that I accept things that most 'normal' girls never would.

Posted in Adult females (18+) wearing kneesocks on 2009-03-29 11:50:17

Hello, I'm Mary, the authoress of this poll.

It is intended as a follow-on to a poll I published three years ago: 'Wearing School Uniform As A Punishment. http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/243603 (A limited interest poll - select 'All Polls' to find it.)

My life has evolved very much for the better since. In the decade since my domineering and devious mother last forced me to wear my old school uniform as a public punishment for two weeks during my university vacation, before being rescued by my then boyfriend, I have moved well away from her influence, come to terms with my height and my looks and am now happily married (to the same boyfriend from university). The story is told in some detail in various threads on this board and elsewhere.

One thing which has not changed is that, at 31, I still wear kneesocks and occasionally a school uniform but now the choice is mostly mine.

After I moved in with my boyfriend back at university he confessed that he found me attractive wearing my punishment uniform and kneesocks. He asked me, not demanded of or forced me, if I would wear it occasionally around the flat. Naturally I did not want to see the hated thing ever again but eventually I reluctantly agreed, after a great deal of thought and bearing in mind that he had known me for a year without ever knowing anything about my uniform punishments at home, to do it for the odd time, for which he made it very worthwile. After a few times I began to feel at ease in it, in private just around the flat, eventually wearing it without prompting as a surprise for Paul. Paul made it known that after seeing me uniformed for the first time he had suddenly realised that he found the sight of grown up adult females wearing kneesocks and me in particular to be attractive. Big hint! So I started to wear kneesocks more and more with ordinary skirts, dresses and shorts around the flat. Initially it was just in private, then visitors saw me, then I nipped out on the odd errand, then attended lectures and class, then went shopping wearing kneesocks, even when I was not in Paul's company. Suddenly I realised that I was wearing kneesocks most of the time during my final year at university.

Fast forward a few years and our move to the North-West. I still wear kneesocks at home and in public, actually now feeling ill at ease in tights or trousers. During the summer I am barelegged to work most of the time and wear boots during the winter, which I adore wearing (Paul likes me wearing boots too, I'm glad to say). I sometimes wear black kneesocks with a dark coloured skirt suit to work, often with accompanying blouse and knecktie! The dreaded school uniform has even made a public appearance to the office for sponsorship for charity events (Children in Need etc).

A couple of years ago, on Saint Valantine's Day, in a restaurant, Paul suddenly announced that he could no longer expect me to wear kneesocks or school uniforms in the future. I was stunned until he explained that he could not have it said that he expected or forced his wife to dress like a little girl (not that I am little)! He was proposing to me! We married a year ago. I still wear kneesocks! I am happy.

So now you know all about me, tell me why you adult females over eighteen wear kneesocks.

Posted in STRICTEST/WORST GIRLS SCHOOL UNIFORM on 2006-02-26 19:22:38

From reading the replies to various polls on the subject of school uniforms I see that some young ladies were punished by being made to wear a version of school uniform or juvenile dress. I too was punished in that way. If you are interested I invite you all to take part in a poll which I have created on the subject. It is misterpoll 3397272362.

Love Mary.

Posted in STRICTEST/WORST GIRLS SCHOOL UNIFORM on 2005-09-18 11:11:02

Fantasy from the USA?