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Posted in tickling babysitters on 2005-05-30 06:06:08

i understand, im not as old as you are but thats happened to me quite a few times.

Posted in tickling babysitters on 2005-05-30 06:04:17

i was babysitting for these two twins for about 6 years. they were my neighbor so i knew them and they're parents and they trusted me. so one time i babysat then for a night and i had socks on sitting on the couch watching tv. then they came over and asked if i wanted to play a game with then. i said yes because nothing was on tv and they would probably nag me until i said yes. the game was that i was a secret agent spy and they were criminals planning to steal some secret diamond or something. so i had to pretent to infiltrate and ruin they're plans but no matter what i was to be caught. i still had socks on when i was "caught" and they blindfolded me and tied me up with my feet on a chair and my hands above my head. so when they asked me to reveal who i was i said no like i was supposed to and so the girl twin removed one sock and so i said "why did you remove my sock?" and she said "becuase the feather tickles worse on a bare foot". so she started to tickle my feet with a feather on one foot and her hand on the other and the boy twin tickled my underarms. i was in hysteria but i had to resist as best i could because i was sure if i lost i wouldnt be let out. then the girl removed my other sock and pulled out another feather and tickled both feet with feathers. i was crying and laughing so hard. i wasnt sure how much i could take but then the worst thing happened. the boy took one feather and tickled my underarm with it and his fingers on the other. i went crazy. the girl then pulled out a HUGE feather that was really really soft and tickled worse than the pea$%!@ feathers did. i thought i was gonna die after it.

Posted in barefeet tickle torture on 2005-05-21 04:43:41

i was cleaning the house after a party i threw at my house when my parents werent home and my friend knocked on the door and she wanted to watch this movie with me. i said i had to clean the house but she could come in anyway. so there was this stuff under a table in the kitchen that i had to clean up so i went under it and tried to move some of it out of the way (it was a lot of stuff). then some of it fell on me and i told my friend i was stuck and there was a feather duster on the table i was under and she grabbed it and began to tickle my feet with it. i was in hysterics and she didnt stop for like 20 minutes. i was crying from laughing so hard but she didnt stop. i still havent gotten her back for it (it happened about 3 months ago) but i will.