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Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2005-06-09 15:00:07

Just a followup on my twin 9 year old sons. Timmy wanted to go girlish like his older brother and twin Eric, seemed less interested but considered trying a few things too. Well I took the boys out last month and got them some girls clothing and hair cuts more like girls and they have been doing it now for over 3 weeks. Timmy, who suggested he would like to be girlish is doing just fine with it, but the big surprise was Eric who seemed less intereseted at first but now is really into being girl. He is now wearing everything girls and now with his girl styled hair completly feels at ease in skirts, shorts and loves to dress in very girlish looking outfits all of the time. Timmy likes it too but I believe Eric is much more at ease with it and prefers to be called Erica now. Timmy is now going by Tammy and seems to be happier dressed as a girl then he was before, but still is very concious of what others are thinking and dresses very conservitively in girls stuff. They both have their ears pierced and Eric now has a pair of Girls glasses to go along with his new look. In the hot weather Eric wears his naturally curly hair in 2 high pigtails, which are only arround 4" long, but look very cute on him with his curly bangs framing his face. Timmy has a very nice layered short Girls cut that we plan on growing out some for Fall and winter. The really amazing part of all of this is a women who lives about 2 blocks away and has a son in their class, called me and wanted to talk to me about the boys. Seems her son has been watching my oldest son going girl for the past school season and had always wanted to be a girl and now that the twins are dressing as girls she wanted to talk about them. Her son who just turned 10 has insisted that he was really a girl for the past 4-5 years and has been trying to get her to let him be one for years. She is a single mother and he is a only child and she had been very insistend that he only wear boys items, but yet she let him grow out his hair, which is long blonde and 3/4 ways down his back, which he normally wore in just a pony tail just pulled straight back. After comming over and talking to us several times, she decided that she was going to let him go girl too. Now we have 4 boys going as girls in our neighborhood alone. Seems to be going really well and her son Terry is very happy. His long blonde hair is now just layered up a little with Girlish bangs and his mother braids it when wet, to give it the crimped curly look which she puts into a high curly ponytail or into 2 curly pigtails with scrunchies or ribbons and he looks adorable as a girl. He almost always wears skirts, shorts or dresses and always wears only very dainty looking girls clothing and looks more like a girl then any of the other girls in our neighborhood. The twins seem to get along great with him and we now have the 3 GIRLS hanging out a lot together and we take them to the mall, Pool or park and everyone who does not now us just assumes that they are indeed girls. They are all having fun and all behaving better as girls and we are going to talk to this mothers brother who is a Doctor possibly about hormone treatments to keep all 4 boys girlish. My oldest son has already decided that he wants them and we found a source for him to start them a month ago or so and we might just see if we can get a plan for all of them, especially before the Twins hormones kick in before Puberty. I am not sure if it is the right thing to do, but I think we are currently leaning toward going girl and would be easier to keep them feminate if they are started early. Any comments out there please respond.

Posted in Should males wear skirts too? on 2005-05-11 14:39:25

My 14 yr old son decided he wanted to dress as a girl and has been encouraged by his girlfriend and older sister. he is much happier now and a better student and now one of his younger brothers (9) wants to become girlish and my husband and I are both encouraging him along with giving our other son the option if he would like to try it too. I am hoping all 3 boys would like to go girl. It seems that the oldest is so much happier that I believe maybe many other boys or their mothers should consider a more feminate lifestyle.

Posted in boys in skirts on 2005-05-11 14:31:11

My oldest son just decided one day that he wanted to dress as a girl and enjoyed looking like one, he now dresses regularly as a girl, has a girlfriend and has become a much better student as well as a compassionate and understanding person. Now one of his younger brothers(9) wants to become feminate and my husband and I are both encouraging him too, by seeing the vast improvement in our older sons outlook on evreything and behavior improvements we are hoping that he too will be more happy living like a girl.

My 14 year old son now regularly dresses as a girl with his girlfriend. he is much better behved now then before and one of my other sons now wishes to dress as a girl and i am going to encourage him to try it too. I believe it may be for the best.

Posted in Mens' Short Hair Poll on 2005-05-10 18:18:08

No I think it is wrong, men should have longer hair. Most women really like a man with hair. My sons all decided that they wanted to let teir hair grow and my husband has a nice full head of hair about 5-7" long and i which he would let it grow longer.