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Posted in preteen girl beat up adult man on 2009-10-27 13:03:34

It happened 2 years ago, I was 29 then. I visited a friend and her 14-year old niece, Sandra was also with us. My friend got away to the near shop to bring us some beer, and we were left alone with Sandra. I always had a very good, friendly relation to her, we were talking and joking with each other. She looked very sexy in her skintight shorts and I playfully tapped her butt. That turned out to be a serious mistake. She suddenly turned to me and with the same movement she hit me with a right cross. Her fist connected with my jaw with such force that made me fall to the ground together with the chair. I was shocked. She dragged me then to my knees and delivered another devastating punch to my face. Her fist sent me down once again. I was felled down to the ground with one single punch of a 14-year girl! I was completely dazed when she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to my knees again. I never had a fight before and I knew that I was not able to defend myself. I tried to crouch as much as possible but she hold me tight by my hair. I realized how weak I really am and I did not know what to do. I was completely panicked when I looked up at her and I saw her clenched fist, drawn back and ready to pound me down again. By instinct, I started begging her for mercy. I have to admit: I was scared of her, I was scared that - although being a grown man - I would be beaten by a 14-year girl until I howl in pain. It must have been a sight: a grown man crouching and begging in front of an average-built, pretty, young 14-year girl; threatened by being punched with that coloured-fingernailed fist of her. It's hard to imagine a more dominant position for a girl than that. It was so humiliating. Fortunately, Sandra showed mercy to me and did not punch again. Still holding me down on my knees by my hair she told me that she was going to beat me like a dog if I tried to touch her once again. Then, with a single, solid push she simply showed me down to the ground. I landed on my stomach right in front of her feet. It was so degrading. Not only the fact that a 14-year girl has literally beaten me down to the ground but also the way she treated me after that. She proved to be stronger and tougher than me, she punched me nearly unconscious and made me beg for mercy. But it was not enough for her, she wanted to destroy me also mentally. She dominantly pushed me down to her feet so that I could fix in my mind once and for all where my place is. With this demonstration of her pure physical superiority she subjugated me completely. Since then she knows exactly that she can beat me silly any time she wants and she also keeps reminding me of it. Not that I had the slightest doubt about it.

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Posted in Girls beat men on 2005-06-07 10:40:12

I think girls become physically absolutely superior to males. Some men try to maintain the illusion to be stronger by growing huge muscles, but fact is that girls have more physical strenght. In addition an average girl is more athletic than an average guy, girls have more solid muscles even if they are not as huge as the muscles of males. Girls are better fighters as well. When it comes to a real and serious fight between an average girl and an average guy, the guy has no chance, the girl definitely will destroy him.