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Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2007-10-14 13:09:48

Hi Susan, Again thanks for your advice. My D has to wear skirts at school so Ive bought he some pleated ones that are mid thigh in length and are suitable to be worn without any underwear. At home she changes into much shorter skirts and dresses that show her bum cheeks but not her vagina unless her legs are apart. She will now only wear knickers when on her period when they start untill she can use tampons. What is best material for those knickers? There are a couple of other occasions when she will need wear knickers, one is daytimes following punishment,and I would welcome any guidance on material and style for these, the other is when she has to wear tight rubber pants in bed to remind her why she was punished and to not make wet or dirty the bed.


Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2007-09-30 16:05:30

Hi, Since the advice from Susan A, my Daughter has gone without panties under skirts and dresses. She has got used to it and is now wearing shorter skirts and denim ones. I have bought her a couple of tight spandex skirts that just cover her bum cheeks,she is good at sitting crossed legged but sometimes she forgets and bends over or reaches and shows her bare bum, sure she will learn in time. She is quite happy to go out like this, the only thing she has said was when we went to see a movie she said the seat fabric was prickley on her bare bum. Question, What about at School?


Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2007-08-25 16:38:04

Hi Susan A and Skyfox.

Daughter wears mid thigh dresses and skirts with crop tops and heels and also just there bikinis. Around the house and garden she doesnt wear any underwear and sleeps nude,however when we go out she puts panties on. Skyfox-She has been throughly toilet trained for both[she has an enforced evacuation every morning]and does not have daytime accidents[an occasional wet bed for which she is punished]she also looks after her own personal hygiene so panties or other underware are not needed for these issues. Susan A. you said no panties should be worn before puberty, She has not reached puberty yet and wont for a couple of years, what is the youngest she should go out,say to the mall or into town with us without any underwear?


Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2007-08-04 00:09:15


Just wanted to ask what is a suitable age both at home and out to start my daughter wearing very short minis,mini dresses no knickers,only skimpy bikinis as I want her to be comfortable about her body and be confident.


Posted in Girls wearing two pairs of knickers. on 2005-04-16 07:23:53

Yes I come from england