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Posted in Giving your panties to a boy on a date on 2008-11-28 20:51:40

I dated this guy right after having sex with a different guy. When the guy I was the date with put his hand in my panties he thought the wetness was because I was so turned on by him. I had sex with him and he asked to keep my Panties - I agreed. I went with him a few more times and each time he would tell me how nice it was to have my Panties as a keep sake from that first date, Makes me smile to think it was some other guys $%!@ that turned him on..

Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2007-11-05 22:44:03

Hi Islandmom

We have the lighthouse shorts from wicked weasle,gives a nice cameltoe and shows the bum cheeks although micro minis without any underware is our prefered choice. What offences do you spank between the legs for? For mine its mainly for offences concerning that area or when she needs to be reminded who is in charge. After you have spanked there are knickers or shorts worn or is it left uncovered?


Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2007-11-04 18:51:39

Hi Susan, I have looked at the shorts and they look suitable,I like her bum cheeks to show beneath shorts. I have not used laxitives or suppositories for punishments other than persistant failing to open her bowels on the toilet when instructed to do so and spanking has not achieved results and occasionally when her general behaviour has been bad.Spanking on the bottom or between the legs and the wearing of tight rubber pants quite effective.

Tell me how well the laxitives work.

Posted in HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU FIRST HAD SEX on 2007-10-20 23:08:22

Norma, Thats hard to imagine,I was having sex nightly at 13 but my mum was still made to do things like being made to sit on the toilet untill I did a poo and having my mom assisting my bath. You dont need to involve your mother in every thing

Posted in masturbation by diapered toddlers on 2007-10-19 22:48:39

My 4 yr old was forever rubbing herself on something or rubbing the front of her nappy whilst she was wetting it,the rubbing and wetting being associated with eachother.As I was trying to get her dry so she could go to pre school I found that pulling her plastic pants and nappy down and spanking on the offending part soon stopped that and the wetting so she now goes to pre school during the morning.Due to constipation issues no matter how long she is made to sit on her potty or the toilet she will not poo so In the after noon she has a nappy on and goes to bed for a short sleep and does a poo poo, at this time I do not stop her rubbing herself at the front through her nappy or 'riding' on her soft toys which she does quite vigourously whilst straining to poo. When she has finished and fallen asleep I go in and feel her nappy to she has done a poo and often find she has fallen asleep with her hand on her crotch. If she has done it I leave her to sleep and if not I wake her so she can have another go at doing a poo. When I change her I use baby oil on her privates and she always says more mummy and the same when she is getting her bed time nappy on and again she rubbs and rides her toys till she falls asleep.