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Posted in Are black women superior to white women?. on 2007-04-13 22:16:37

Imagination? So YOU say. Perhaps you can't face FACTS?

Posted in Are black women superior to white women?. on 2007-01-19 16:57:20

You can't even type out a response that's coherent. Broken English, bad spelling, poor grammar, etc. SURRRRRRRRRE, you're REALLY "SMART" alright. As smart as a fence post! Furthermore, one look at any African nation or Haiti will show anyone with a mind what sort of intelligence Blacks have - nil~ they'd still be in the Stone Age if it wasn't for Whites dragging them into the Space Age with technology, education (which Blacks always fail at ) medicine, civilized customes, and all the other refinements which go with our lifestyle. Why we bother, I can never figure out!

Posted in Are black women superior to white women?. on 2006-08-04 18:11:44

I'm a White woman and I have something to say about this topic. First, let me say that I'm quite tall and "in shape", but I have two Black girl frieds who are easily much stronger and have much more stamina than I do. No matter how much I train and exercise, I'm no match for either of them - period. And yet I'm bigger and taller than either one of them! Now, here are three examples I can give which will back up my position that Black women are physically superior. When I was in the seventh grade, I saw a fight between a Black girl of 15 and three White girls - all older than the Black girl, and all bigger and taller too. One was 16 years old and the other two were 17 years old, and the Black girl totally kicked their butts hands down. This fight took place outside the school gym at 5PM in the Spring when it was wet and muddy out. The Black girl fought the the three White girls simultaneously, threw them around like ragdolls, bitch slapped them so hard across their faces that they'd collapse into prat falls, flipped them onto the wet grass and into the mud around the shrubs, tossed them this way and that by their hair, lifted them off their feet and slammed them to the ground, and generally did all this so easily that it was almost like she was toying with the three of them. The fight was absolutely one-sided. A White girl would rush at the Black girl in frustrated anger, and the Black girl would just catch the one rushing White girl by her arms, stop her in her tracks, force her to her knees, and then kick her on the chest and send her sprawling backward on the ground. The three White girls were no match for the single Black girl AT ALL. The "fight" if that's what this thing could be called ended with the three White girls laying on the ground, all wet and covered with grass, leaves and mud, and begging the Black girl to please stop and leave them alone.

My next example comes from my highschool days as well. In one of my classes there was a Black girl who was quite tall and big for our age group - bigger than any of the other girls in class including me, and also bigger than our Home Room teacher. One afternoon just before Christmas break, myself, this Black girl, and two other girls were helping our teacher move some file boxes out of our Home Room and into a storage area down the hall. Each of us ( all the White girls, and our teacher ) could only manage to carry one box at a time, but the Black girl could easily handle three stacked one ontop of each other. And, when we were in the storage room, our teacher ( a 30 something White woman who was about 5'7" tall and I'd say weighed about 136 pounds or so ) wanted to put one of the file boxes on a high shelf which she couldn't reach. There was no ladder, and what happened was, the Black girl lifted our teacher up to the shelf level while our teacher was holding the box! I mean, she just picked our teacher up off her feet and lifted her so easily it was like she weighed nothing! The teacher was shocked and amazed, and the rest of us were just in awe of how strong this Black girl was.

My last example comes from college when I was rooming with another White girl and a Black girl. Every now and then, we'd get silly after having too much to drink and start playing around and "silly wrestling" one another, and each time the Black girl would easily overpower each of us White girls and the more we struggled, the stronger the Black girl seemed to get. Once she put both of us White girls over her shoulders and carried us to the bedroom and threw us on the bed with hardly any effort at all. That would be two White women each weighing about 120 to 135 pounds at the time being carried over the shoulders of a Black woman who was about the same size. Nevertheless, our Black roomie was way stronger than the two of us Whities were and she playfully proved it time and time again. So, in my book, Black women have got us White women beat physically, with no problem. Intellectually and emotionally is another story, but physically, they rule totally.

Posted in For Guys and Girls/ Gynecomastia on 2005-08-23 06:00:08

Boobs on a guy have nothing at all with his masculinity, his ability to satisfy a woman sexually, or his physical attractiveness ( unless the women who see him are mindless, substanceless fluff!). The best love affair I even had was with a guy who had very prominant boobs. He didn't care about it and didn't take it seriously, in fact, he didn't take himself seriously and that was the really wonderful and most attractive thing about him. I didn't care if he jiggled when he walked or ran, and I didn't care that he had a "softie" body type rather than the overly muscular variety so sought after and promoted in the media today. We were genuinely happy and really turned on by each other and the best sex I ever experienced was with him. So guys, if you've got a pair, don't give it a second thought. Any woman worth knowing is going to be attracted to you for your personality, your grooming habits, your disposition ( if its pleasant), and your happiness ( if you let it shine through by not taking yourself or anyone else too seriously). There's a lot of us girls out there who are desperate for contact with a quality, multi-dimensional male and we're REALLY tired of the cartoon-like buffoons with their over inflated egos and their media induced ways of approaching life. For my part, those $%!@ can be left to the female bar flies. Hey, all flies love a pile of $%!@, right?

Posted in Opinion on women (MEN ONLY) on 2005-08-23 05:48:28

No doubt the work of a low-grade Moron to say the least. No appreciation of women, no comprehension of a woman as a human being - merely a package. The questions are even worded in such a manner which indicates this person is a dolt of the first order.