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Posted in Reading Theology on 2005-03-15 05:42:41

I love theology! I have been reading alot from many of the people listed and from a few others not mentioned in my Christian Education classes in college. I will be attending seminary next year, so I'm sure I'll read even more. I just didn't know that there were so many! I got alot of reading to do!

Posted in What do you think of Rabababaism? on 2005-03-15 05:10:02

Raba what? Well, I did an internet search, and apparently, it does exist. Some kind of pagan New Age thing.

Posted in do you trust Jesus on 2005-03-14 01:23:19

Guess what! I have some great news for you! Jesus is alive! And he will be forever more! That's what Easter is all about. Yes, Jesus died. Yes, he was buried. But, he didn't stay dead and buried! On Easter Sunday morning about 2005 years ago, the stone was rolled away, and Jesus got up and walked out. He stuck around for a few days, hanging out with his disciples and other people who love him, and then he returned to heaven, where right now he is kept very busy! He is answering prayers, creating miracles, and he loves everyone! One day, he will return, and he and God will defeat the devil, destroy all evil, and take us home with him, if we only accepted him. And the really cool thing is, we will be alive again too! Yes, we will die, but when Jesus returns, we will come back from the dead with our lives fully restored! This is the promise to all of us.

Posted in Rapture on 2005-03-14 01:11:20

This is true. The word, "rapture" is not mentioned at all, but the book of Revelations does state that the bridegroom (Jesus) will return to take his bride (all who are saved - Male and Female) up with him to heaven. While the "rapture" may not happen exactly as depicted in the popular "Left Behind" series, its not that far off.

Posted in A little different Religion question on 2005-03-10 23:25:49

Interesting idea, though I don't know what to make of it. It could present a bad image, or it could actually revitalize the church. Here's an idea a little less offensive but similar themes: what if a church owned a coffee shop? It would be a great place for fellowship, learning, and good food. A safe place for people to express themselves artistically in a tasteful manner. Someday, I would like to open one of my own. The famous "Church of the Savior" in Washington, D.C. already has a coffee shop that is very personal and friendly. It's called, "The Potter's House."