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Posted in Straight Guys, What do you think of gay guys? on 2005-02-26 03:29:29

A gay person is NOT normal. There is nothing normal about being gay!!!!! Lusting someone of the same sex in NOT normal. I'm not saying that they are not a person, but they are not a normal person. There is something wrong in there head just as in a metally retarded person.

Posted in Agnostic/Athiests information on 2005-02-06 05:55:02


Posted in Budding Photographer? on 2005-02-06 05:14:38

Digitals are fine for snapshots, but if you want to enlarge, better stick to the film!!!

Posted in Best Sports Poll on 2005-01-31 01:24:34

Best Sports Poll

Ditto to what cj said.

Posted in All Star Baseball Team! on 2005-01-30 22:50:00

I like the subject, but really think the ballot is very incomplete and has some names that shouldn't be there. Most notably, only three shortstops to pick from, only two third basemen? The list for both should be much longer and include players from the past. How could you make a list of all time all stars and not include Willie Mays in the outfield (at least on the ballot!!!!), or include Jose Canseco and Ken Griffey Jr. All Jose did real well was hit home runs, like other steroid junkies. Griffey is good...when he is healthy enough to play but he is going to have to show me he can be available for a complete season to be on my ballot. As far as pitchers, you left off many from the past that could kick the crap out of todays low hundreds pitch count pussies. I don't want to say that many present day players on your list shouldn't be there, because many of them should, I'm just saying there are many from the past and possibly present that should be on it.