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User: Dick Cheney


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Posted in The Ultimate War Poll on 2006-01-31 20:37:25

Let's get started!

Less talk, more attacks. I'm glad to see that this poll supports my party and my plans for the future. Who cares who wins, as long as somebody is getting blown up?

Posted in Who was the worst U.S President ever? on 2006-01-31 20:35:35

I am highly offended. Look for a CIA wiretap in your future.

It's about time that somebody put up an intelligent, provocative poll, free of technical errors and misspelled words. Bravo fellow Republican! Let's go get those Democratic traitors! Remember they are in league with Sadam, who as we all know, blew up the WTC and is currently spying on your four year old daughter from a humane cell in Europe.

I fear the words of Marx and Engels, because as a right wing conservative, I see they stood for things that non-rich people care about. Fortunately, the so-called communist countries of the world made a joke of their writing, and we, as Republican imperialist terrorists, have been able to slowly rule the U.S. as the Russians ruled their country. I get hard just thinking about it.

Posted in Our Great President George W. Bush on 2005-06-14 02:08:26

Of course, we here in the Bush administration firmly agree with Trapper. He clearly understands the time and energy we have put into making Iraq a safe place--a near vacation resort at this point. Who wouldn't want to be there? The interest of of the everyday American poor youth in Iraq is obvious--they're dying to go over! Hell, Lynne and I plan to take our gay daughter to Baghdad and frolic naked through the town square during our next vacation. (I'll be the slightly balding one.) Halliburton will be paying for it, and you weak-minded dupes will be paying them with ever-rising gasoline prices. Nice work, pansies! And all you liberals--keep on whining! It's music to our ears. Keep telling people that Bush is a liar and the war was for oil. The more you say it, the less people believe you because we completely control the corporate media who discredits you liberals and your "truth" and "decency." BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!