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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2010-02-04 02:51:10


I agree with MrPoll's answer. We need more people on here, not less, who will stand up to the pedophiles, child abusers, predators, ad nauseum, who seem to be overrunning this site at times. I do it myself from time to time, flag polls, and directly report some of the most sickening polls, such as from a pair of predatory pedophilic parents not long ago. They do close the most offensive polls if specifically asked to.

I have seen a lot of things, good, bad, and outright evil in my time. In a recent poll, you persisted in asking my age. Let me give you a clue: I still have ration coupon books with my name on the covers, for sugar, meat, and other such rationed commodities, issued by the Office of Price Administration (OPA) during World War II. Close enough?

As for outright evil, I survived growing up in an alcoholic family of sexually predatory parents and grandparents, and came out quite normal (especially after a bit of therapy in my 40s); apparently I turned out to be one tough son-of-a-bitch, including finally breaking my dad's nose and jaw and a few other things and putting him in the hospital for several days, when I was sixteen. Enough was enough.

The one bright spot that came out of it was that my early grade-school teachers were the first adults I ever met who actually liked me, for real, for who I was, and so these were the very first outside adults I went way out of my way to please, by learning to read and write and so forth. This led to a few college degrees (plural), one a masters in clinical psychology, and in looking over my own past I recently found a hitherto-unknown one-word noun that describes me: a polymath, or alternately, a polyhistor. A bit egotistical, but I do meet the specs. Incidentally, if you are also one such, don't bother applying to MENSA; I got a free invite and met some of the most stuck-up people I ever met; these are the kind of folk who can order a seven-course dinner in flawless Parisian French, but don't know enough to lock up the car while it's parked behind the French restaurant at night.

As for MisterPoll, it's a place I go sometimes to be simultaneously entertained and frightened by all too many mental cases who can't even spell their own language, let alone write a coherent sentence. The scariest thing is that these people are not only old enough to vote, they are old enough to run for public office, and in the USA at least, there are population zones which will actually vote them into office.

In the meantime, I hope you will reconsider, and be a fighter, not a quitter. From what I've read from you, you are fighting for the RIGHT side, brother, and the one thing that the WRONG side does NOT have is COURAGE. They act tough as nails, but whenever you mess in with them, the first thing they do is to start whining and crying like an 11-year-old girl.

Keep on keepin' on! :-)

Posted in Underwear as Outerwear on 2010-01-26 20:41:01


Thanks for the compliment -- but if I were REALLY intelligent and interesting, what in the world would I be doing on THIS site, where far too many of the poll-makers and respondents have nothing of any real substance or interest to say, but do indeed spend yards and yards of misspelled bad grammar in trying to say it anyhow? I mean, what are ya gonna do with individuals who can see the big blue "mister*POLL" logo winking right in front of their nose and still then proceed to type "Please take my new *POLE"? :-)

As to my exact age, it is significantly older than I'd like it to be, but still young enough to have lots of fun, and yet quite adequately old enough to know precisely HOW to have fun. But the exact age is still classified information. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, you might want to try getting an "X3D" bikini or two from Ergo, and/or a couple pairs of gym shorts made of "dazzle" fabric, and experimenting with how to have LOTS more fun than ever before in the swimming pool or at the beach. No kidding! :-)

Posted in Where do you pee? For men only. on 2010-01-06 03:55:07

Before reading this, PLEASE try to open your mind enough to put your post-1960s childhood bathroom training, and cultural or personal inhibitions, on hold for now. OK?

The question is: Where and what is the best place inside any household for men, teen boys, and many male pre-teens to always use when they have to pee? Look at it as purely logistic: The goal is simply to void your bladder into the plumbing fixture which is clearly best suited for this use, as all those drains really do go to the same place. FIRST objective is to do it the cleanest, tidiest, most sanitary way possible without messing up anything in any way. SECOND objective is to do it as easily and conveniently for yourself as possible.

So where should guys pee? WRONG answer is the toilet fixture, on ALL counts! RIGHT answer is... the bathroom sink, on ALL counts! And here are most of the valid reasons why this is objectively true.

First, we guys can't aim that thing as well as we'd like to pretend, especially the first shot, which can go up, down or sideways; and we finish up by dribbling. Trying to hit the toilet bowl perfectly is a lost cause -- doesn't work and never will. That's true even for a guy who is very careful, wide awake, and fully sober as well. Very few males are always all three of those at once. This leaves a nasty mess of ugly grunge, grime and mildew -- behind, around, and especially in front of the toilet fixture. And who has to clean it all up? Poor old Mom or poor old Wifey, which is not at all fair. But when you pee into the sink, every last single drop goes directly down the drain, either at that time, or whenever the water is turned on later. That's a direct 100.00% clean, perfect transfer from bladder to drain, with zero mess to clean up. Your "old lady" (either meaning) will thank and bless you for it!

Second, urine is sterile, which means no germs, which means peeing in the sink is fully SANITARY by dictionary definition (look it up). By contrast, human saliva is loaded with germs, many being disease-causing germs like staph or strep, which is as UNSANITARY and nasty as you can get. So if you think it's perfectly proper to spit in the sink every time you brush your teeth, like all of us do, but filthy and sordid to urinate into the sink, then you have it completely upside down and backwards. This is just one more example of where typical childhood bathroom and hygiene training, plus cultural myths and urban legends, collide head-on with scientific and medical facts.

Third, rinsing the sink right after peeing in it is not necessary nor even desirable. For one thing it wastes water. Before long, you or someone else will use the sink to wash up, and run way more than enough water to flush all the pee away too. For another thing, leaving the drain trap full of unflushed urine in the meantime (especially overnight) will chemically slow down soap film, shaved whiskers, washed-off cosmetics, and other such residue from sticking as easily to the inside of the pipe, so you won't have to use drain-cleaner quite as often. Any initial sharp odor caused by not rinsing at all will quickly disappear as the oxygen in the air neutralizes it. The droplets left in the sink, even if allowed to dry, will disappear when someone first turns on the water at a later time.

Fourth, taking all the above three factors into account, there is the unbelievable ease and convenience of peeing in the sink. Trying to do it in the toilet, you have to concentrate anxiously to try to aim (which still never quite works), hold yourself carefully, worry about missing the target or making a mess, shake off, flush the toilet, and probably wash your hands. But by using the sink as a urinal, you can just walk in, stand up against the front of the sink, let Willy hang freely into or above the sink (hands-off), empty your bladder down to the last dribble, and walk out without shaking off or rinsing or flushing or anything. Beyond all that, in one word, peeing in the sink is pleasurable; in more words, it just plain feels really good to do it that way, every time you gotta go.

This convenience aspect is extensive. To wake up to pee at night, there's no need to flash-blind yourself with the lights to try to stand up to pee at the toilet (or sit on it like a girl). Just go in there, find the sink "by Braille," stand close, let it all go with no need to aim or even touch yourself during or after, and go back to bed. And when you and your wife or G/F both need to pee when first waking up or getting home after a long drive, you can go together, with her using the toilet while you are using the sink. As another added bonus, you can also pee at the same time while you're combing your hair or brushing your teeth too.

The "wasting water" factor is anything but trivial. As of the year 2000, Americans use SEVEN BILLION gallons of fresh water EVERY SINGLE DAY, in just flushing our toilets alone! If you work out all the math and demographics, you'll find that if every male who can physically do so would bypass the toilet and urinate in the sink every time instead, without running any water just to rinse the pee, then as a nation we would save around 2.5 billion gallons or more of fresh water every day. This easy, simple, sanitary tactic all by itself would conserve more fresh water than most all other common and often-costly "low-flow" plumbing improvements and upgrades combined.

The practice of men peeing in the sink is not new, and some history may help. When modern indoor "Western" plumbing was invented and perfected in England, between 1850 and 1910, Victorian women and their maids went ballistic over the mess made by men in the bathroom. The British slang term "the bogs" for the bathroom was all too often accurate! Most men quickly learned to use the sink as a urinal. Those small circular bombshell-shape "efficiency" sinks, so common in apartments even today, first appeared over a century ago. Even the very first ones were knowingly and deliberately engineered at that time to double equally well as a male urinal, with no corners to collect puddles, steep sides to channel all liquids into the center drain, and a very narrow front ledge for easy access.

For over half a century, most boys (including this writer and his childhood friends) were taught by parents to pee in the sink, first standing on a small step-stool until they grew taller. This custom seems to have had somewhat regional or cultural aspects; it would be standard in many small towns or city neighborhoods, but not quite all of them. Then in the last quarter of the 20th Century, this practice suddenly began to disappear or go into hiding in many areas. Perhaps the time has come to restore it more extensively again.

One hint: If you want to give this a free 30-day trial (and we hope you will), it's probably wise to be sure your parents or "significant other," and other household members, are all on the same page with you before you start. Showing them this posting may help. If you are a parent of one or more boys, and this practice turns out to work for you, it's another item to add to their bathroom training when they are tall enough (as mentioned, a small step-stool can help this happen earlier with younger boys).

Another hint: If you make this a new standard habit, don't verbally tell visiting men to pee in your sink; they may think you're "weird" instead of being well-informed and wiser about such matters. Simply post a tactful sign on the bathroom wall above the toilet, starting "Attention -- MEN:" which politely but clearly explains how you would prefer this to be done in your home, and why. This impersonal approach has proven to work very well.

That's probably what you need to know about this for starters (and probably way too long for one posting). But -- NOW YOU DO KNOW! If you decide to give it a try and like it, please spread the word... and who knows? Maybe we can once again have nice clean bathrooms, less overworked Moms and wives, lots more fresh water to go around, and no more panic attacks for guys in shag-carpeted bathrooms. Good luck! :-)

Posted in How should I try to pee outside? on 2010-01-03 21:34:16

It's hard to believe anyone had to come right out and ASK this question, but it's also unbelievable how sheltered or uninformed some folks are about things their parents should have taught them, including how to go to the bathroom outdoors. So I'll give it the benefit of the doubt here.

If you are a guy, then you do it outdoors just like indoors.... unzip pants, or pull aside basketball shorts, or whatever, to get Willy out, then just go... in the grass or against a bush or tree or fence or whatever. In one of those drive-in-circles parking ramps (EVERYONE pees there on their way to or from meetings!), do it between two cars, out of view of the elevators or security cameras.

If you are a girl -- and two of your questions imply this, namely, whether to squat, and also whether to stand up -- then you are hopefully wearing a skirt or culottes because that's a LOT easier than fooling around with jeans or other slacks. The SAFE way is to do it standing up, NEVER squatting, because down in the grass is where all the chiggers, spiders, ants, poison ivy, and other hostile stuff lives, that you would NOT want to get near your bare bottom. Hike up your skirt or one leg of the culottes, stand tall, spread your legs wide, pull the crotch of your panties to one side, and just let go until you're done. Then simply snap your panties back in place and do NOT try to wipe. Girls actually do not need to wipe after peeing any more than boys do, and for VERY sound medical reasons; in fact, wiping or even blotting after peeing really leaves you less clean and sanitary than skipping the wipe (that's a whole 'nother subject though, but it's a fact). Afterward, your panties will dry clean within minutes, exactly as is the case with boys, and you will be happily relieved and back on your way to wherever.

Hope this helps. :-)

Posted in Underwear as Outerwear on 2010-01-03 20:00:02


Hey, you got that right, for sure! :-)

Though I only wear Rio-back bikini briefs for swimming (mostly "X3D" underwear from www.ergowear.com ; see above note to chinagirl), I see lots of guys in the changing rooms wearing basketball shorts as swimsuits. And most of them actually wear underwear, almost always boxer-briefs (the most-popular and most poorly-engineered style there is), under the basketball shorts. This has got to be terminally dumb, to wear the heaviest, most complex, poorly-fitting undie design there is, with all those seams and stitches poking into the wrong places, and then sit on the pool deck trying for hours to dry out wearing those soggy, dripping-wet, mushy, cold cotton bloomers under the basketball shorts. It just feels nasty!

Guys, you would discover a whole new world of comfort and pleasure if you would DITCH the underwear, jocks, and other claptrap, and just wear unlined, single-layer basketball shorts with nothing under them but your own skin. Best fabric in the world is called "Dazzle" high-tech polyester; it's almost see-thru thin, but opaque as a brick wall within five inches of your skin, and nothing will show through, wet or dry, in any lighting conditions. Swimming in "Dazzle" shorts, all you ever feel under the water is the waistband, as the rest of the fabric somehow stays ballooned away from your body. And when you get out of the water, with just a bit of sunshine and a breeze, they will get completely dry in about 15 minutes. Here's one case where there is something better for swimming in public than wearing only designer underwear for a swimsuit.

But with a suitable print design, you can also swim in just boxer underwear -- the only precaution is to get the kind with a snap or button in the fly opening, so the horse won't bolt out of the stable in public. Bikini underwear also works fine if you like speedos. For bikini underwear as swimwear or around-the-house wear, stretch nylon is light-years better for this than cotton. Also, many of the dyes used in cotton bikini underwear will change color or completely bleach out to white in a chlorinated pool, whereas the color of nylon is (in most all cases) internal to the plastic threads themselves.

Have fun! :-)