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Posted in Does petticoating reallly happen? Spanked too? on 2005-03-12 06:20:46

I was petticoated punished as a young boy and hated it. today I wear panties and have womens hairstyle which my wife just loves and takes care of for me. I belive this must be someway related to my punnishment back when i was a kid, but i am really like being a feminate male and my wife and family all accept it without any reservations.

Posted in men with girly hair on 2005-03-12 05:55:30

I love to have my wife style and curl my hair for me. I've worn womens panties for years and always admired womens long hair, she suggested that i let it grow and she cuts it and styles it for me. I regularly have her set it for me and we both go out with curly styles. Many nights I sleep in curlers, because i like the tight curly syles with my long hair. Just in the past 6 months I have even gone out in public with my hair in curlers and when we drive down to our Mountain home for the weekend I have her set it before we leave and then she does a style on it when we get there. Many times with my styled hair I have been mistaken for a women and my wife gets kick out of it and wants me to let her do my eyebrows and try some makeup. She has even bought me a couple of womens pants outfits that i occasionally wear when we are out. It seems to be a great thrill for the both of us and I decided i want her to go ahead and give me the total makeover when we leave for a short vacation in a few weeks and am considering going dressed as a female for the whole trip. My 2 sons and daughter think my hair is fine and I regularly wear it up or in curlers arround them and my 18 year old son has had his mother curl and style his med length hair a few times and his girlfriend likes it and wants him to try it more often.

I love to wear panties and my wife even now buys them for me. She even buys them for our young sons.

I, too am a feminate male who would love to have breasts like a women. My wife prefers me dressing as a women and I would love to have something to put into my bra that was real not just fake glue ons that I normally wear. I believe many men would like to have breasts if they could, i think it would be great.

Posted in OK To Wear Girls Clothes? on 2005-01-25 16:09:51

I too love it and dress as a women all of the time, My wife and I have just recently gotten our son to dress as a girl and he is having the time of his life and enjoying it too.