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Posted in School Drills on 2005-04-15 14:05:28

Two years ago it was stormy really bad. Some kid said "Good thing theirs no tornado". On top of the roof there's a Tornado siren suddenly it went off. I started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Our school doesn't have a basement so over the intercom they told us to go to the gym. I looked at the TV and they were video taping a funnel west of the Omaha moving east. It never touched down though. But 26 windows broke from the hail.

Posted in Does petticoating reallly happen? Spanked too? on 2005-02-21 22:35:56

I am now 12 and have 9 sisters. 3 are 19, 3 are 20 2 are 21 and 1 is 22 Back then in 1995 when I was 3 during the summer my parents would work and I'd be at home with my 10 11 12 and 13 year old sisters. One day I was watching T.V and got bored so I went in my sisters room.Suddenly the youngest Suzy lifted me up put me on the bed while sh pinned me the others stripped me. Then the oldest Jasmine pulled out a diaper and a girl design pullup.She babysits so she needs supplies like these. She put the diaper on me then the pulup. Next they put me in some white tights and black baby buckle shoes. Then they put me in a pink petticoat that was very fluffy. I tried to fight but it was way to much for me. Then the second oldest Cara pulled out a whole bunch of makeup and put it on me pink eyeshadow mascara pink nail polish and blush. Then made me wear a wig that was long and rown. Then they rolled out a baby carrige and put me in it and called me "Brittani".They would leave me in the carridge all dayand mess with me. Then when I turned six I snitched them out. The day after gounding they said "Today were going to show the whole world what a cute little baby girl you are" and nce again they stripped me diapered pulluped and dressed and makeovered me. Then they took me to the mall and said to everyone "This is are brother Wyatt I think he has very bad taste in clothing"When we got home they threw out all my briefs and replaced them with pullups and rid of y male clothing and replaced it with dresses, skirts, capris , sweaters and blouses when I went to school the next day.Everyone from then on called me brittani

Posted in XBOX SUCKS on 2005-02-17 00:38:56

You know what! You suck! and so does your mom, bitch!