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Posted in Dangerous shoes for driving!? on 2011-03-09 17:59:24

I will drive in my flip flops, no problem. But my exercise sandals are difficult to manage on the pedals, so I always slip them off and drive barefoot. The same with high heels. The idea that people shouldn't drive barefoot is just retarded. It's a lot easier to work the pedals in your bare feet than it is with any kind of shoes, except maybe driving mocassins or five fingers, and I will drive with those on. But clogs, forget it. Off they come and bare feet on the pedals. If you have a truck like I do though, be carefull not to accidentally kick one of your shoes out the door when it's open, and then end up with only one shoe when you get where you're going. I had to sneak into the Souper Salad barefooted.

Posted in Wooden Exercise Sandals on 2011-03-09 17:51:53

I love wearing exercise sandals. Because they are noisy and easy to slip off, I'm probably barefoot as much as having them on. They have a tendency to get the soles of my feet dirty, and my boyfriend sometimes gets bugged at the noise and takes them off, making me go barefoot.

Posted in Barefoot in college and school on 2010-06-15 16:33:36

I don't know if it's a law, but I just went to the University of Wyoming and the University of New Mexico, and at both schools kids went barefoot all the time. When I was at those schools (UW was cold for a lot of the year though) I wore Dr. Scholls a lot, and because they were so noisy, I used to take them off and put them in my backpack for safekeeping and just go to class barefoot. Nobody ever told me anything, and other girls did it too. Not so much the guys, though. I guess they're more shy.

Posted in You Sandal Wearing Habits on 2006-05-22 15:09:25

I love wearing sandals, but in actuality I guess I really would rather be barefoot. If I'm standing in a line, like at the bank or at the university, I'm constantly slipping my feet in and out of my sandals, even the one's that I have with back straps. I like flashing my naked soles to the people in line behind me, flexing and arching my feet. Sometimes I'll slip my flip flops or sandals completely off while standing in a line, but only if it appears that the floor is clean. When I was younger, I used to like having the soles of my feet dirty, but now I prefer them to be relatively clean. My boyfriend sometimes likes to lick the soles of my feet, and so I have to keep them clean for him. Sometimes when I'm standing there playing with my sandals, I'll lose one and have to search for it with my toes.

Yeah, so far the winter has been really mild, with very little snow or rain, but it has been getting a little cold. I'm still skirting it around and wearing my sandals, although the winter is so dry I have to soak my feet every night to keep them soft. The other day one of the guys in our office was wearing clogs in bare feet, and my girlfriend and I were both wearing low and high heeled mules on our bare feet. We were in a meeting sitting on either side of him and we both slipped off our shoes and then used our bare feet to steal the guy's clogs off of his feet. Then we both played footsies with him. (actually we've all three done that before) He has very nice feet for a guy, with nice high arches that are fun to rub with your toes.