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Posted in Guys in school w/ long hair (girls & boys) on 2007-03-27 18:11:08

I too have long hair. It is blonde and layered curls about halfway down my back. I have often been mistaken for girl or called a girl to be teased, but it does not bother me. My girlfiend and i love it long and curly and we plan on keeping it that way.

Posted in men with girly hair on 2007-03-27 18:03:19

I too love to have my hair set and styled. I am n 18 year old guy who has long blonde hair. My 20 year old girlfriend is just going to Beautician school now and she regularly practices on my long hair. She has colored it, styled, set, permed and styled it in many fancu upswpt styles for special occasions. Now I have began setting her hair and we often enjoy a long weekend just playing beautician to each others hair. We plan on getting married after I finish college and both want to wear our hair in similar long stle for wedding. In the past few years I have found a lot of other guys who also enjoy having their hair done and I believe you will be seeing it a lot more in the future.

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2007-03-27 17:35:13

I too agree with Pennysue. I was a joung boy who was forced to dress up as a girl as punishment, I really hated it but the more I ended up doing it, I begain to really enjoy it. By the time I was 9 my mom would put my hiar in two long braids or to high pigtails and curl the hair and put ribbons and berets in my hair. For my 12th birthday she took me out and got my ears pierced, hair permed and styled all dressed as a girl and I spent most of the entire summer dressed entirely in girls dresses and clothing. I enjoyed it very much and still have long hair and enjoy dressing up.

Posted in men in curlers on 2006-02-09 21:12:25

I to had a mother who set my hair as a young boy. She started when I was 4or5. Mom was a beautician and I had 2 older sisters, at first she would just keep my3-4" hair all in about one lenght and curl it regularly with small plastic rollers or sponge rollers which I often slept in. After a couple of years with this same curly round all one lenght hair style, she started letting it grow out longer and layered it up. At arround 7 years old she gave me my first permanent along with my 2 older sisters. My hair was layered and just about half way down my back. She gave me a curly stled perm and then would set it in small to medium rollers so it was always very curly and wavy very similar to my 2 sisters. She would give me a perm 2 or 3 times a year and most of the time my hair was long and very curly or wavy. She would often set it 2 or 3 times a week and I would often go out and play in our back yard in curlers or have to go somewhere out with her in them. I just always had curlers and long hair so it just seemed mostly natural for me to have her tke care and set my hair. Many times at school I was just assumed to be a girl although i always wore boys clothing. Many kids would ask me if I was really a boy and I did become selfconcious about my curly hair and was somewhat shy at school. Many times mom would berets, high pigtails or braids with ribbons and style it very girlish looking but I never dressed up like a girl except at Holloween a couple of times until I was about 11 years old. My 2 older sisters were watching me one day when mom got home and found they had me all dressed up in their old clothing. Complete with dress, panties, tights and training bra. Mom had a fit that I was dressed like a girl even though she always did my hair like one. I told mom I liked the clothing and wanted to know why I couldn't dress up more often. She said I was a boy and boys don't wear dresses, I said boys don't wear curls and braids and pigtails but I always do so whay not. She was really mad so she said as punishment as long as it was summer I was going to have to wear dresses and everything for a week just to prove how I would be made fun of. I was really afraid to go out in dresses and skirts but she gave me no choice and I was rediculed by many neighborhood kids and bullied by others who knew me. However all the people who did not know me just figured I was a girl and I really liked the dresses and frilly underwear. At the end of a week she tought I learned my lesson but I told her I wanted to still dress like a girl. She got really mad and threatened to cut off my 18" long hair and give me a buzz cut. But when she got out her sissors and haircutters, she could not cut off my long hair because she really loved it long to. She did take away the girls stuff but a few weeks later I was wearing my sisters underwear and she found panties and a training bra and nightie in my drawers. She had another fit but a few days later I found that she had bought me some new panties and pink pajamas, girls slacks and tops and put tem in my room and told me I could wear them but she did not want to see me in a dress or skirt. After a few months, she started giving me more and more of my sisters old clothing and one day i got home from school and found that all of my guy clothing was completly gone and my closet and dresser was then completly stocked with all of my sisters clothing that would now fit me. Mostly jeans, slacks, shorts and tops, but much to my supprise she also had dresses, skirts, bras, fancy shoes, coats and even some very fancy dress outfits. I was overjoyed and my mother and I got along great from there on. She had my ears pierced and I dressed as a girl always and have not ever since dressed aa a male since. I had several girlfriends while growing up and always dressed as I wanted and always had long or med long styled hair and today I am married to a beautifull woman who regularly sets and takes care of my long blonde hair. I have loved being a feminate looking male and have a very close and loving family.

Posted in Boys in Girl's Clothes on 2005-01-10 02:06:10

Patti My mom made me start wearing girls clothing when I was almost 10, my little brothers were really small when they started so it was easy for them, because they only remember wearing girls items only. It was hard for me because the kids picked on me when I started comming to school in girls clothing and later with curled and styled hair. They knew me before and thus made fun of me and called me names and fag. I was scared to death that I was going to get beat up at school for being there in a blouse and girls pants and underwear but I had no choice. When I complained to my mother she threatened to make me wear a bra and skirt too. I really learned to like it after a while and enjoyed it much more after I had longer hair and everyone just started treating me as a girl. I have a girlfriend who like my looks and styles today and look and dress as a girl at all times. I now wear a bra and makeup every day and occasionally I will wear a dress or skirt to school or a special event. My mom is really a great person and my little brothers have pretty much always been accepted as little girls right from the beginning because they have always looked like girls. I am slight built and with my long hair, I have no trouble passing as a girl anywhere. It was terrible at the beginning but now I want to be a girl as much as I possibly can and have talked to other young males who have also told me that they would too like to dress as a girl like me but are too afraid to give it a try. I work over at a Garden center part time during the year and everyone there just assumes I am a girl and I haven't told them any different. I love being a girlboy and am currently trying to talk a friend of mine in going girl too. He wants to and even has talked to his mother about it along with his sister, but is afraid to do it because he is afraid of what his father will do. He has been letting his hair grow out for over 6 months and now I having him wearing girls underwear but I do not know how far he will go from there. I think he will but it may take a while for him to get enough courage to go for it. My girlfriend and I have offered to take him out with us dressed up but so far he has declined, I told him to just go out and get his hair cut and styled like a girls and see what his dad said and go from there, but so far no luck. I love being this way and would never want to dress like a boy again.