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Posted in Christmas! on 2006-11-16 02:21:55

I know Jesus wasn't truly born then, I would have send more in autumn, but Christmas is the celebration day of his birth, and it still wouldn't be here if he wasn't born.

Posted in Christmas! on 2006-11-13 04:24:51

What the heck man, where talking about Christmas, and there is NOTHING about Jesus on there at all. In case you have forgotten, Christmas isn't about Santa, but the birth of Christ. Even if you don't believe in that. Without the story of his birth, CHRISTMAS WOULDN'T HAPPEN.

Posted in Is God a republican or a democrat? on 2006-10-25 00:05:03

Although I am Republican, and a Christian and would love to say that God is definately Republican, I have to agree, I don't think God is either Republican or Democrat, but I do think that he would support a christian politician, as long as they, you know, were biblical and lived by the word.

Posted in favorite sport on 2006-08-27 21:11:12

Where is Hockey?

Posted in The Greatest President on 2006-08-25 17:37:16

Why does someone always have to put something against Bush, everyone already knows that alot of people don't like him. For people like me that do support him, it is very agrivating. I don't like John Kerry but if he had won the 2004 election, I wouldn't be putting bad things about him on here (and don't be gay and say that I wouldn't be able to put anything bad on here about him because he would be awesome). Let people have there own opinion.