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Posted in It Is Time To Impeach Bush and Cheney on 2005-12-14 22:41:36

What crimes! I was over there and there were no crimes!

I'm sick and tired of the left changing history!

Heres the truth:

80% of Iraqis support the war.

More and more people over there are coming out and speaking against the Terrorists.

Young Kurdish children are looking at a bright future were discrimination of their kind is a thing of the past.

Women are voteing, out of the home, having a life, and are no longer just property for Iraqi men.

Iraqi people finaly have a voice, and an opinion.

If these are war crimes, then I'll proudly stand at the fireing line with Bush and take a bullet.

Posted in PROTEST BUSH by giving ....... CASH THIS CHRISTMAS on 2005-12-14 22:35:23

Read "Mighle Moore is a big, fat, rich, white guy." and learn the truth about Moore.

Learn how he distorted facts in bowling for columbine. Learn how he lied in Farenhite 9/11. Learn how he is a Hypocrite and why soldiers hate his guts.

Then read Dis-information: top 22 media myths about the war in Iraq. And learn how the Media is covering up the finding of WMD's in Iraq, and why the left dosn't care.

Then read "Why I hate the left: a soldiers view of the hatefull and biasd Lift-wing." written by a good friend of mine, and discover why Liberals are no friends of the soldiers.

Posted in world empires on 2005-12-14 22:28:49

What about the Greeks? Athens and Sparta and such.

Western Civilization has done so much before the Dark Ages and Rennesants.

Theres the Selucids, Carthage, Phonetia, Egypt, Assyria sp, and so many more in Europe and N. Africa alone.

Posted in Do u like President George W. Bush? on 2005-12-14 22:23:27

Acculy, Clinton had no control of the deficit. The Republicans in congress pulled us out...

Just corecting your mistake...

No, America would still be hated by the world because the world dosn't care what we do, its never good enough.

While I was in Iraq, I din't see any anti Americanism from the Iraqis not Terrorists, Iraqis. The truth, They are alot happier now then under Saddam.