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Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2004-12-05 16:56:41

My husband and sons all wear panties full time. i would not consider dressing them up as a girl for punishment, they would all probably like it, i know my husband would and i would prefer that maybe the boys did not get to attached to others girls clothing items. The youngest is regularly dressed up by his sister and they both enjoy doing it. so it may not really be a good form of punishment.

Posted in OK To Wear Girls Clothes? on 2004-12-05 16:43:51

all of mine do

My husband along with my 3 sons all wears girls underwear full time the 3 boys have had their choice and all decided that the panties were much better and preferred them hands down. My two daughters regularly dress the youngest in their old clothing and i have noticed lately that he now sleps in their old Pjs and nightgowns because he loves the soft fabric.

all of mine do

My husband along with both of our daughters and 3 sons all wear panties full time. my husband was wearing them when we started dating and the Boys just started wearing them when there sisters outgrew some, dad sugested it and now that they have had the choice to wear Boys jockeys or panties, they all would not wear the jockeys again. They wear plain white ones to school everyday and it has not caused any problems with anyone at anytime, even now that the older ones are regularly undressing for swim and gym classes, Sometimes I have noticed that they are wearing some of their older sisters pink and fashionable ones and the little one lets his sisters dress him up in girl outfits and he does sometimes sleep in Their old pink PJs and gowns because he likes the soft silky feeling fabric.