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User: morrie


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Posted in FETISHES on 2005-03-17 20:35:31

My fettish is I like to take males and make them look and act like females. My husband liked to wear panties and admired long hair, so I pretty much made him into a woman. He looks and now acts like a woman all of the time at my control and demand. He now actually is accepting it well and likes it now.

My husband too enjoys dressing as a women most of the time, he would love to have his own breasts too. I am hoping we may be able to get surgery for him in the near future. He looks completly female and breasts would be a nice addition for both of us to enjoy.

Posted in Men's Skirts on 2005-01-31 20:23:52

I love to see a guy in a skirt or dress, my husband now wears them for me much of the time, he looks great dressed as a woman and I have taught him to like it and he now loves wearing womens clothing all of the time.

Posted in OK To Wear Girls Clothes? on 2005-01-31 20:20:36

Talk to your mother and see what she says, She may not mind and be able to help you out. Many mothers and wives would love to feminize their sons or mates.Go out and buy your self some girls panties, many guys wear them and it is perfectly all right, my husband wears them all of the time and he loves other womens clothing and now wears complete womens outfits even when out or just hanging arround the house.

Posted in sissy boys on 2005-01-31 20:10:39

I made a sissy out of my husband and we both now enjoy it very much. He looks great as a women and now would never go back to his man's stuff.