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Posted in MALE RAPE! on 2002-05-24 02:31:41

How can you say this is a goofy poll and that there are worse problems than what this kid is going through. This girl by grabbing his testicles is taking a chance on physically damaging this guy for the rest of his life. You are a doink. What this girl is doing to this young man is a violent crime whether you think so or not. What rock did you crawl out of?

David ========== In Reply To ========== Of course it's rape if she forces you to have sex with her.

I think that you'll just have to wrestle her to the ground and pin her so she doesn't have the upper hand (so to speak) and then have a rational conversation with her.

I think there are worse problems in the world than you've got!!! Heck, give her my phone number. I'll keep her occupied.

Posted in MALE RAPE! on 2002-05-24 02:26:48

What this girl is doing is not sex. It is a violent crime. It's called RAPE. You need to go to the Police and turn her in. If she threatens you, you need to seek legal advice. It is a felony in the United States to force another person to have sex with you. By grabbing your testicles like that, she is committing another violent crime. She can damage you forever. It is also a felony in the United States to physically threaten another person. You really need to get a handle on this now before she hurts you worse. You also need to try to hang out in a large group so you can have some protection. Please do something for yourself. It is not whimpy or whatever for you to demand she stop. It has NOTHING to do with sex. This girl is acting evil. I will be praying for you, Dude.


Posted in Male vs. Female Homosexuality on 2002-05-18 13:33:30

In response to your >>-> Re: Forgotten option

Respectfully, Sir or Ms., You say "I 'tolerate' all people." I disagree with you. You do not tolerate all people, or all would be fair with respect to kissing in public. People like you make me sick because you pretend that you "tolerate" gay males, but you really do not. You proved it with your own words. You said, "Everyone has a right to exist. But I don't like gay behaviour." You cannot separate the behaviour from the individual because no one can do that. You don't want to see gay men kissing but I bet ten bucks you would watch two girls go at it on your hetero porn. It's in every movie, so my hetero best friend has told me. You don't want to see two gay guys kissing, but you think it's okay that a man and woman can do so. That is so hypocritical it makes me want to vomit. That is such a weak excuse for being homophobic it's not even worth you saying it. The next time you see me kissing my boyfriend in public remember that you think it's okay to kiss your girlfriend in public. It's the same *%#! thing. ========== In Reply To ========== Under "What best describes you" an option was forgotten. I 'tolerate' all people. I dislike their behaviour. Everyone has a right to exist. Period. But I don't like gay behaviour. It has nothing to do with the people. It is their actions that I find distasteful (unless you believe that you can't seperate the person from the sex orientation, in which case I think that you should be thinking that people are more than thier sex choices).

Posted in Panties - Freedom of Choice on 2002-05-08 16:14:14

hello I wear panties most every day and have for many years I,m a 50yo mwm bi in lexington,ky I also during warm weather wear panties pantyhose with shorts and go out every where.

Posted in Homosexuals on 2002-05-05 04:04:32

Please... Re: gays and lesbians

Yeah, and Steve sure tastes good, buddy. Mmmmmm!!! Speak for yourself. You don't speak for me, and your Bible doesn't either. It is lying to you if you think it really tells you that. You need to learn more about history and languages before you make a hateful statement like that. I wouldn't believe in a God that created a world of the kind to which you refer. You are probably so narrow-minded you can see through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time. ========== In Reply To ========== Admit it, being homosexual in anyway is wrong, God created man and woman - Adam and Eve, not two men - Adam and Steve

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