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Posted in Lucid dreaming on 2005-09-02 18:54:54

I've had one lucid dream wich I remember. Me and my best friend J were standing in my parents' room. She started to dye my dark brown hair (wich I am proud of; it's beautyful, and I've never dyed or curled it) dark, blue-ish green with a spray box, like those taggers use. Then she added white and gray spots with two other spray boxes. Suddently, a pictrue of myself popped up in my head; Me with gray-ish, damaged hair (like most people get if they dye their hair and let it grow out again), and I started to cry, ran to the bath room and undressed. I jumped in the shower. J followed me and kept asking "what's wrong?" I started the shower and felt the water splashing down over me.... Not. Suddently, I realized that I hadn't felt the warm tears run down my cheeks, I hadn't felt the slightest temperature change when I undressed. I shouted out "hey, this is rodiculous. I'm dreaming!" I went out of the shower, I knew I wasn't wet at all, and dressed myself. slowly, the weird colours disappeared from my hair, and it turned normal again. J smiled. Then I woke up... That taught me a lesson about dying your hair: Siply - You shouldn't!

Posted in Ticklish Teenagers on 2005-09-02 18:31:26

I'm a 14 year old girl. My dad knows that I'm very ticklish (especially under my feet), and once he "locked" my legs by wrapping his arm around them, and with the other hand he poked my knees and tickled my foot soles. I thought I was going nuts... :P After that he often tickled me that way. We called it "tickling with leg lock". Later, I'd use the "leg lock" on my litle brother who is now 12. I love to tickle and being tickled, especially when the person I tickle is very ticklish.

Posted in tickling on 2005-09-02 16:36:00

Sounds just like my ex bf :P If I poke him in the side, he almost drops to the floor >:D

Posted in Super Heroes and Villains on 2005-09-02 16:29:50

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Posted in Take This Poll If You're Bored on 2005-09-01 17:48:21

I love you Led Zeppelin-guy! You just made my day a little happier! I'm not really bored, but im different and that makes me feel like an outsider!:P We've got a few things in common! I like rock, zeppelin, tallica, soad, beatles, slipknot etc. etc. and I hate homophobics too! Have a less boring day! ~PsYcHoTiC PaPaYa~