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For Practicing/Believing Christians Only

To get accurate results, this poll is for *practicing/believing* Christians only. I am Jewish and have had many (unwanted) encounters with missionaries/evangelicals. I am wondering what you, as a practicing and believing Christian, believe about converting Jews to Christians and your thoughts on the relationship with the Jewish people and G~d and on salvation. Thanks for your time and feel free to leave a message on the message board.
I know many Christians who feel that it is necessary to convert all Jews over to Christianity. What is your belief on this??
All Jews have to convert to Christianity in order for Jesus to come
All Jews have to convert to Christianity for some other reason other than the above
All Jews need to be taught the errors of their ways
Conversion isn't necessary but all Jews should convert anyhow
It's none of my business what religion Jews belong to
No Jews should be pressured into conversion, but they are still mislead
No Jews should be pressured into conversion because it isn't necessary
No Jews should be pressuerd into conversion...live and let live, right?
I don't know
Has G~d abandoned the Jews??
Yes, He made a new covenant with the Christians and/or followers of Jesus
No, He made a new covenant with the Christians but he doesn't abandon anyone
No, He made a new covenant with the Christians but His covenant with the Jews still exists too
No, there is no such thing as a "new" covenant, G~d just has a covenant with everyone
I don't know
What happens to people who don't believe in Christianity/Jesus/trinity??
They go to Hell, only believers have a place in Heaven
They have the chance after they die to accept Jesus and if they do, then they may go to Heaven
They cease to exist
As long as they led a good life, they will go to Heaven regardless of their religion
Everyone goes to Heaven, Hell is a myth
Hell is real but temporary and everyone will *eventually* get to Heaven
I don't know
This poll was created on 2002-12-17 18:02:18 by Shoshannah