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What is your view.............

Hi, im Nemesiiiss, you may remember me from such gradually degenerating polls as "morality in general" where it starts off deep and meaningfull, then gets silly!
What is your view on abortion?
It is right, and i'd stand up and say that at an abortion meeting thingy
It is right, but i wouldnt be seen dead at an abortion meeting thingy
I like crap music like puddle of mudd, my opinion doesnt count
It is wrong, and i'm going to make a song about it, and send it into a moangy band like slipknot.
It is wrong but im too lazy to do anything about it.
ok, and what is your views on gay people?
IM GAY! and i Hate other gays
IM GAY! and i like gays
i dont like them, but my boyfriend does
Fancy going queer bashing?
Love them, and im strait
Hate them, and im bent
What is your view on music such as slipknot or eminem that appeals to children and has a lot of profanity in it?
It is wrong, end of story
It should be censored so only adults can listen to it
It is great
What is your view on pretty fly for a white guy by the offspring?
Wow, i so totally love that song! it rocks, man!
That song was terrible, i cant believe the same band released the album "smash"
Oh, they sold out
Dont care
What about sum41, what do you think of them?
They are the joke of the music industry
ALL music nowadays, including sum41 sucks
I love them
Dont like them, but everyones entitled to their opinion
Which is better?
The Offspring
Rage against the machine
Do you agree with any of Rage's views? DONT ANSWER IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!!!
Yes, I agree
No, I disagree
Do you honestly believe that the kernal (KFC) is trying to take over the world?
Yes, i truely believe that
No, no way thats obsured
And does he put an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly?
Yes, he sure does......need KFC....
No way.....need KFC.....
Yes, but i don't eat it
Which of these people would you like to see take over the world?
Homer Simpson
OJ Simpson
Sharon Osbourne
The creator of this poll
Marilyn Manson
George W. Bush
Zack de la rosha (RATM)
Tenacious D
Stone cold steve austin
Fred Durst
King Kong
Britney spears
The Kernal
R2 D2
Trey Parker
Is Dave Grohl (lead singer of the foo fighters, drummer of Nirvana and QOTSA, and all round great guy) god?
yes, he sure is
No way
Never heard of him (shame on you)
You would rather be....
Poor and famous
Rich and hated by all
Dead, but respected
Alive and ridiculed
Rich, loved, respected, famous BUT homosexual
Not loved, rich, famous or respected but heterosexual
Ruud van nistelrooy, brilliant manchester united player, do you know who he is?
Yes, he's a manchester united player
No, never heard of him, not even in this poll
Here is a question about The river rhine, which river is in Germany?
The Rhine
The Thames
The Misissippi
The Amazon
The Nile
How many people in your family are likely to take part in this poll?
Just me
1 other
2 others
3 others
4 others
5 others
6 others
7 or more
Do you think man will ever land on the moon?
No way, thats impossible.....NASA who?
Yes, quite possibly
Dont know
Dont care
Women should......
Make my dinner
Look nice
Make my bed
Wash me
Get me a beer
Tend to my every need
Shower me with gifts
Stop playing football
Do more photo shoots for magasines like playboy
Stop bringing out crap records
Hand in thier driving licences
Men should.....
Watch the game
Not get nagged
Not have to do any house work
Get waited on hand and foot
Drive the car
If you recieved an Invitation to the playboy mansion, your reply would be....
Yes, of course i can make it
i'd like to but im washing my hair
wouldnt reply
Playboy's got a mansion?
No way, why would i want to go there? i dont care if theres nice girls, a pool etc etc (im an idiot)
Give it to the creator of this poll, for doing such a good poll
How do you feel about polls that drift around certain issues, but just become annoying and silly after a while? (not mentioning any names)
They're cool
They're silly
Dont like them
Love them
Hey, have you seen Nirvana's unplugged performance?
Yeah, it ruled!
Yeah, it sucked
No, but i want to
No, and i dont want to
Which is better?
Kurt Cobain
Do you honestly believe in god?
Yes, i do
No, i dont
Where did you sleep last night?
In my bed
In my friends bed
In my parents bed
In my significant other's bed
In the pines
On the streets
In the playboy mansion (don't lie)
In J'lo's bed (you liar, you)
On a bed of nails
In a bed of ants
Do you think there's an afterlife?
No way, thats a silly 'hope lie'
Yes, of course
Have you ever sold your soul?
Are you enjoying this poll so far?
Yes, it rocks man, more of the same please, i love you so much
It was ok
No opinion on the matter
Zzz Zzz Zzz
It sucks, man, i hate you
Which band that has been mentioned in this poll is the best?
Rage against the machine
Foo fighters
Puddle of mudd
The Offpring
Queens of the stone age
Sum 41
9 out of 10 polls in the top 10 most popular polls in the controversy/morality section are what is commonly known as "pervert polls" this sub genre includes subjects such as spanking, nudity etc. what do you think of this?
Its discusting, im going to get a sign and protest out side of misterpolls HQ "power to the people!"
I like those polls, i make them or frequently take part in them
I am apethetic (dont care) to this frightening situation
Are you pleased that grand theft auto 3 and its subsequent follow up (vice city) were released?
Absolutely, they are both groundbreaking titles
No it is discusting, i am very displeased by this, but im too lazy to do anything about it
I am very annoyed at this and i am going to crush the man responsible for this abomination to societ
Dont care/grand theft auto? whats that?
This poll was created on 2002-12-23 23:52:39 by Nemesiiiss