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Should motorcycle riders wear helmets?

For over 30 years, the feds have mandated helmets for motorcycle riders. Now, the feds gave the choice to the States. Too bad the States do not want to hear how helmets could actually be harmful to the riders. Also, no one publishes a list of approved, tested helmets. We need your opinion, and we need to inform the public.
Should helmets be mandated for all motorcycle riders?
No, it is the riders choice
No, helmets can hurt you
Yes, it is the governments job
Yes, people can't choose
Maybe, I am not informed
I do not care
Should safety issues for motorcycles be fought for and funded by the medical and insurance industries?
Yes, they have the money
Yes, they need the power
No, it is none of thier business
no, they need to clean thier own house
maybe, I am uninformed
Should helmets be mandated for all motor vehicles, considering most fatalities in cars are from head injuries?
Yes, it is only fair
Yes, it would save lives
No, it would be uncomfortable
No, and I would fight that law
Maybe, if it became law
Maybe, I am uninformed
Would you ride your motorcycle if it became illegal to do so?
no, I dont break the law
no, I would be afraid to
yes, I would anyhow
yes, until the day I die
I dont know
Should there be one National Motorcycle Rights organization?
yes, would be better organized
yes, would be more consistant
no, the States should be seperate
no, it would be too confusing
I don't care
Should our polititians, while knowing that there is no list of approved helmets to be found, have the authority to encourage and fund enforcement of a helmet law? Remember, without a list of approved helmets, the law is unenforceable.
No, but they will since they are crooked.
yes, I don't care about my freedoms.
Yes, for the children.
No, I will break the law anyhow.
Do you think any helmet bill should have an insurance mandate attatched to it?
No, it would be unfair
Yes, you are a public burden
No, unless car drivers had to wear one.
No, it would cause harrassment
Yes, insurance companies need to get rich too
This poll was created on 1999-06-26 22:41:04 by Animal