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What do you think is the best food for your pet?

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Hello! I would like your opinion here; what do you look for when you buy food for your favorite pet?

What are the categories below that strike you as the most important to you?

0% (0) It has to be rich in proteins for growth?
25% (2) Got to be plenty of vitamins and minerals?
0% (0) Spare me the excess fat, would you?
0% (0) Has to be natural, no preservatives, no sugar added?
25% (2) I don't care, as long as it's cheap?
50% (4) I don't care, as long as eats it!
0% (0) It has to have a tempting smell and texture?

8 voters have answered this question.

Why but pet food at one place and not at the other place?

12% (1) They give discount coupons!
50% (4) They deliver, so I don't have to carry heavy bags!
25% (2) I don't mind, they are just around the corner.
0% (0) Their food is much healthier than elsewhere.
12% (1) They have a much bigger choice of food in store.

8 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2002-11-24 20:47:11 by Opinions wanted!
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