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Here Comes that Ex Partner Again!

Ok, it's been awhile, but here we go again! These polls have been helpful -- I know when I have my head on straight, or when I'm way out of line...HELP!
Ms. H is coming back into town. Why? It's the holidays! Her family lives about, oh-5 to 6 hours away in another state, but she's coming to MY town...to visit my partner, her ex. This will be their 2nd Christmas apart...and Ms. H has a new partner to kiss under the mistletoe, as well. Why is this a problem? Because I have a full life, and my holiday plans DID NOT include entertaining my partner's ex! I work in retail for God's sake! What should I do?
Do? Nothing! Why should your holiday plans be disrupted by an uninvited guest?
Hey, be gracious. Go out to dinner and an EARLY evening one night. It won't kill you.
Go out, but be as ghetto as you wanna be.
Blame your partner for even wanting to see Ms. H.
This poll was created on 2002-11-19 21:33:09 by outgrrrl