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What is your dream-like Pet Store?

Like you, I love pets! Pet stores could use some help in finding out what WE want and desire best. Your opinion will help them provide us what we really want and like...and avoid what we hate most. Here we go!
What kind of per do you own?
1. Cat(s)
2. Dog(s)
3. Bird(s)
4. Fish(es)
5. A mouse
6. A reptile
7. It has many legs but I don't know what it is
What is the best way a pet store can help you feeding your pet?
1. They would have the food I need and offer a discount
2. A bag of chow for my St-Bernard dog is heavy to haul! I'd like them to deliver to my home
3. They'd have something healthy and complete for my pet
4. Their store would be close to where I live
5. They'd give me customer discount if I keep buying food at their store
6. Only if it taste better than my own lowsy home cooking
Are you thinking of buying a new/additional per?
1. Yes! Within weeks.
2. Maybe, more like in a few months, I guess.
3. No way! I have enough of two coffee-drinking monkeys already.
What advantages would it be for you and your pet to have him/her groomed and washed at the pet store?
1. It would be great if they'd offer it at a reasonable price!
2. It would save me time... and make my home less smelly!
3. I have a hard time with it so it would be good if they'd do it for me from time to time.
4. I'd rather do this myself.
What would be the advantages for you and your pet to get him/her trained by competent staff at the pet store?
1. He would behave himself at least!
2. I'd be able to take her out for a walk without fear of cars, passing kids, leaving her on a leash
3. We'd establish a closer bond. He`d become even more of a friend to me.
4. I am against pet training, so this is not for me.
How would you like to have pet-training sessions delivered at your home?
1. Oh great! Providing it's not too expensive.
2. Yes but on my own time. They'd have to fit my schedule!
3. My cat is too busy reading Harry Potter these days to get more training.
Right now, what do I most want to give my pet?
1. Something to play with
2. Something to munch on
3. Something to wear in winter
4. His own little house, new cage, a large aquarium, etc.
5. Something comfortable to rest on.
6. Healthier food, as long as he likes it!
7. A companion!
What do you hate most in pet stores?
1. Their lack of choice in pets.
2. Their high prices; the food is costly!
3. They often have no follow-up services. When I require assistance they are not really helping.
4. The mixed smells of animals in there is terrible.
5. There is no variety in what they offer as pet food!
6. They won't let me take the rabitt in my arms!
7. They won't allow me to feed the anaconda!
If a pet store is really worth it, how could they let me know what specials they have or what`s in store?
1. Through classified ads in the local paper
2. Hand outs on the streets
3. Junk mail
4. A radio ad iviting me to come see their new baby cats and dogs!
5. A great site on the internet that I can find with easy keywords like "pets" "cats" "dogs" "pet st
6. I usually just stop by if I see it on the street.
This poll was created on 2002-11-04 21:26:47 by Opinions wanted!