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Atlantis, myth or lost history

Was Atlantis an actual place or just a legend that holds our interest...
Do you believe that Atlantis existed in the past?
Yes, Atlantis existed at one time.
No, Atlantis is just a legend.
I don't feel there is enough evidence either way.
Do you believe that the only advanced human culture on Earth is the current one that began 10,000 years ago?
Yes, we are the only advanced culture on Earth.
No, that history is lost somehow.
I don't know.
Atlantis was an advanced culture that supposedly destroyed itself, do you think this myth could relate to our own culture today?
Yes, we might be headed for the same fate.
No, we are 'doing just fine'
Atlantis was destroyed by a natural disaster.
Have you ever had a 'past-life dream' in which you lived on Atlantis?
Yes, I lived on Atlantis in a past life.
No, I haven't had such a dream.
Maybe, it's all so hazy.
Socrates described Atlantis in detail, especially where it was located (near the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean) and was the first to document it's existence. Was Socrates a bit kooky?
Yes, he also corrupted the youth.
No, just revolutionary.
Who knows.
Socrates didn't exist.
Do you think that if the government had evidence of Atlantis' existence they would share it with the public?
Yes, it is of great historical value.
No, it would be to 'earth-shattering'.
The government created Atlantis to distract us.
The government doesn't exist.
I don't know.
Atlanteans supposedly discovered 'living crystals' which harnessed solar power for a deadly effect. Do you think the government is interested in such a device?
Yes, any weapons are of interest to them.
Nah, we have enough with bullets and/or hydrogen.
I'm not sure.
The Atlanteans are rumoured to have built the Great pyramids and the sphinx as well as other marvels around the world. Do you think this could be true?
Yes, the pyramids are too advanced for old Egypt.
The pyramids were built by aliens, silly!
I don't know! Stop asking all these questions!
Do you feel it is possible for the Earth to flip on it's axis and shift it's tectonic plates in one massive upheaval?
Yes, it happens all the time (relatively speaking)
No, I'm surprised you brought it up.
The who?
Dude, now you're bumming me out.
Do you feel that more or less effort should be put towards discovering if Atlantis actually existed?
More effort.
Less effort.
Let's just forget about the whole thing!
Look at the world and wake up! We need more arms!
I've already discovered it, but I'm not telling...
This poll was created on 2002-11-03 04:21:08 by Brockus