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Topless vs. Bottomless vs. Naked

It seems to me that what a girl is allowed to take off varies widely on where you are and who you are with. I come from Romania and in my country people are comfortable with nudity. I've been here since I was sixteen and sometimes people react kind of weird to me because they think I'm too casual about being naked. Here are a few situations I've run into. You tell me if nudity is OK or how much nudity is OK.
You are at a party at a friend's house with about 20 people both guys and girls. There is a pool. It's a very hot day and people are getting into the pool. You want to go swimming too but you don't have a bathing suit. You are wearing a white cotton camisole shirt, blue jeans, and under that a pair of black woman's full cut briefs, you are not wearing a bra. All of the girls in the pool have tops on. What do you do?
Stay out of the water and remember to bring a suit next time
Take off your jeans and jump in
Take off your top and swim in just the briefs
Take off everything and swim naked
Swim with all your clothes on
After a long hard day you come home and take a nice hot bath. After your bath you go into the living room to watch TV wearing only a T-shirt that doesn't always cover your bottom half depending on how you sit and if you stretch. You are all nice and comfy on the sofa when your roommate walks in with her boyfriend. What now?
I would not be bottomless on the sofa if I had a roommate
Quietly excuse yourself and go to put some pants on
Remain as you are and try to keep your legs crossed and your shirt pulled down
Remain as you are making no effort to hide that you're not wearing panties
If you had to share a bed with a female friend how would you sleep?
Clothed (T-shirt & panites, at least)
You are on a beach where you see a lot of women going topless but no one is nude. You are wearing a one piece bathing suit. What do you do?
Stay as I am. I don't like to expose myself in public
Pull down the top part of my suit so that my breasts can get some sun
Take off the suit entirely and lay out naked
It's a very hot summer morning and your air conditioning is not working. You are lying in bed naked trying to get up. Outside your door you hear the voices of your boyfriend, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend. All of these people are good friends of yours. What would you put on before leaving your room?
Well, I would not sleep naked to begin with. No matter how hot it is.
Get dressed completely, no need to embarrass everybody by walking out naked
Just put on panties or sweatpants, no need to cover my chest
Just put on a shirt, no need to cover my bottom
Just walk out naked, it's hot, it's my home, and I can be naked if I want to be
Which of the following would you consider to be OK for being around guys and girls?
Tight shirt with no bra
Short skirt with no panties
Topless on the beach
Topless at an outdoor party, pool, picnic, etc.
Nude at the beach
Nude at an outdoor party, pool, picnic, etc.
Just hanging out at home with friends topless
Just hanging out at home with friends bottomless
Just hanging out at home with friends naked
Which of the following would be comfortable for you?
Sleeping Naked
Sleeping Naked with sexual partner/husband/boyfriend
Sleeping Naked in the same room as girls you know
Sleeping Naked in the same room as guys you don't know
Sleeping Naked in the same room as strangers who are women
Sleeping Naked in the same room as strangers who are guys
Sleeping Naked in the same bed as a good female friend (not your lover)
Sleeping Naked in the same bed as a good guy friend who is not your boyfriend
I think there are some girls who draw the comfort line at topless and would not strip naked. Do you agree?
Yes, I'm fine taking off my top but I consider exposing my bottom regions to be too sexual
No, if you're daring enough to show your breasts then your daring enough to show everything
Girls should not ever take off their tops or their bottoms except in front of their husbands
In which of the following situations is it OK to be just bottomless?
Hanging out at home with friends wearing a just a T-shirt or pajama tops
Wearing a skirt with no panties
On the beach or at an outdoor party
It's not OK, just bottomless is too overtly sexual
Let's say you play a game of strip poker or something and your wearing a blouse, jeans, a bra, and panties (Forget shoes and socks). Which would you take off first?
What's the last thing your wearing?
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This poll was created on 2002-11-03 00:39:39 by Milla