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Is Bush Trying To Take Over The World?

I am seriously wondering if the American President is getting a little too power hungry. What do you think?
Has bush been strange from the start?
Just a typical crazy american
I though he was a bit strange yeah
No, he's just what we need
Do you think, given the power America has over the world, the rest of us should get a say who gets to the White House?
No, it's up to the yanks
Yes, they made a foolish decision last time
Yes, because American decisions effect us all
No, the wrong people would take advantage
Do you think the American's used Septemeber 11th as an excuse to hunt who they wanted to hunt, not because there was any real proof who was responsible?
Yes they jumped the gun
It was just the excuse they were looking for
No, they got us all pretty convinced
I think they had all the proof they needed
Do you like Bush more than Clinton?
No, Clinton was a slimey dirtbag but he was okay
Clinton was too soft not to trust him
Bush is more powerful and I feel safer with him
Bush doesnt let anyone push him around
Does Bush scare you?
No, so long as he's on our side
He's all slitty eye and no evil eye
I'm just waiting for the shots outside my window
Wouldn't want to be Saddam
Do you think Bush will keep his puppy Blair when he doesn't need him anymore?
Nah, Bush and Blair will always be friends
They were meant to be
Blair's a naive arse licker
He'll kill us all
Is Bush trying to take over the world?
Yes, hes wiping out all the competition
Sure looks like it
Nah he's got all the power he needs
He's already the most powerful man in the world
This poll was created on 2002-10-29 14:39:03 by AdeleUK