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Is Britney Spears better than Mariah Carey in all ways

Jan 1st 2000 Britney Spears announces her plan to have beautiful nails...one week later Mariah cries on national tv because of britney...so who's better?
Did Mariah cry on national tv because Britney smacked her?
Yes Britney wooped her
Yes Mariah got punked
No that's not true
What didn't know that?
Britney said she planned to have beautiful nails in 2001...thusfar britney's nails have gotten longer and prettier...but are they better than Mariah's?
Yes Britney's nails look much better than Mariah's
Yes britney's nails and britney's everything looks betterthan mariah's
No mariah's nails are better
who cares
Which of the following did mariah do to Britney at an awards ceremony?
Mariah slapped Britney
Mariah kissed Britney's feet
Mariah had sex with Britney
Mariah flashed Britney only to be laughed at
If Mariah and Britney had to sexually pleasure each other to prove who's best...who would make who sqeal first?
Mariah would give in to sexy Britney
Britney would give in to hot Mariah
Maraih would probably die from the pleasure that Britney can give
Who's the better singer?
Mariah Carey
Britney Spears
Who dances better?
Who looks better Mariah or Britney?
Britney's a goddess mariah's a dog
Mariah is my fantasy britney is my nightmare
There both hot
BRitney all the way
Who would u rather sleep with?
Which would u rather see?
Britney spanking Mariah
Mariah spanking Britney
Is Mariah jealous of Britney?
Mariah wishes she was Britney
What would u rather have happen?
Mariah become Britney's slave
Britney become Mariah's slave
Mariah become britney's sex slave
Britney become Mariah's sex slve
Do u like long fingernails?
Yes they drive me crazy
Yes they are sexy
not really
no i hate them
Who would kill who?
Britney beat mariah to death
Mariah beat britney to death
This poll was created on 2002-10-25 04:14:07 by nailfetish69