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Britney Spears' leg power

Let's see what you think about the strength of Britney's legs.
How would you react to being caught in Britney's headscissors?
I would scream in pain and surrender right away!
It would hurt like Hell and I'd give up soon.
I would hurt, but I could take the pain.
It might hurt a little.
No problem, she's a wimp.
Could Britney's headscissors....
kill a man?
seriously injure a man?
gain a submission?
How long would it take Britney to knock you out cold in a headscissors?
A few seconds.
Under a minute.
A few minutes.
About 5 minutes.
Could Britney's bodyscissors...
Break bones and cause serious damage?
Get a very quick submission?
Win a wrestling match?
Be a little uncomfortable?
Be easily broken, she's a wimp?
If Britney were to headscissor a large male bodybuilder, what would happen?
The bodybuilder would give up and submit quickly.
The bodybuilder would surrender in a few minutes.
He would not give up and get knocked out cold.
The bodybuilder would take the pain and not submit.
The bodybuilder would break free of the hold.
Do you think Britney's legs are stronger than yours?
Yes, she's a lot stronger than me
Yes, I think she's a little stronger
No, I don't think so
This poll was created on 2002-10-11 18:56:10 by buster