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STAR WARS vs star trek

Well, I've seen many tragic 'Trekkie' polls, but THIS one is fair, just, and TOTALLY un-biased!
Whose droids do you think are more realistic?
STAR WARS (good old metal, joints and personality)
star trek (some wannabe actor in metallic paint)
Which do you think is more believable?
HYPERSPACE (the ability to travel at faster than light speeds in another dimension)
warp factors (to Jupiter and back in 6 minutes? come on...)
Which do you think is more likely?
CREDITS (purchasing, gambling etc. Another form of currency, just like good old earth.)
" We're too pov to have money! Evrything's done for the good of the galaxy!"
Who has a better over all plot?
STAR WARS (in the midst of a galatic war, a struggling rebellion tries to restore peace and freedom
star trek (lets knock ourselves out! we'll go and explore some unknown region of the galaxy in a che
Okay, here is the ultimate question, the final clincher. WHO HAS BETTER ALIENS?
STAR WARS!!! (a myriad of strange, wonderful and mistifying life forms, as opposed to a bunch of hum
This poll was created on 2002-10-06 09:19:42 by bluSk8er_chic