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The funniest quotes from the movies

Select the quotes you find the funniest from a number of different movies from different genres.
These are funny lines from movies. Pick the ones you like.
(Ace Ventura) Ace: ... the killer saw the size of the bugs dick and became insanely jealous.
(The Addams Family) Morticia: Don't torment yourself, Gomez. That's my job.
(Adventures in Babysitting.) Chris: Don't fuck with the babysitter!
(Amadeus) Mozart: People so lofty, you think they shit marble!
(A.I.) Gigolo Joe: No two (women) are ever alike, and after they've met me, no two are ever the same
(Robin Hood) Will Scarllet: Well Fuck me! He cleared it!
(Leprecaun III)The leprecaun: There once was a man of great class, whose balls were made out of bras
(Miss Congeniality) Grace: It takes a very secure man to walk like that
(The Mummy) Evie: For all eternity - idiot!
(The Mummy Returns)Rick: Not these guys again!
(True Lies) Simon: Do you think a terrorist would piss himself?
(MIB) It just be raining black people in New York!
(ID4) Welcome to Earth!
(Twister)Joe: He really is in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.
(Willy Wonka) Wonka: Candy is Dandy, but liquor is quicker.
(Meet Joe Black) Don't blow smoke up my ass. It'll ruin my autopsy.
(Monster Squad) Wolf man's got nards!
This poll was created on 2002-09-08 19:03:21 by arabella_wiccan_childe