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The Film Compliations

The best Fantasy scenes, the Best horror movie scenes, and the best romantic scenes. You vote on your favorite!
Pick your favorite fantasy scene from a film.
Lily and the Black Dress - or The Dance of Darkness (Legend)
The Crystal Made whole - or Kyra's death & resurrection (The Dark Crystal)
Sarah and Jereth, the final battle. (Labyrinth)
The swamp of sadness (Never Ending Story)
Tier Rasline - the two headed dragon (Willow)
Good Ash vs. Evil Ash (Army of Darkness)
Music store battle - or "Woman in Arms" (Masters of the Universe.)
The Red Bull (The Last Unicorn)
Indigo Montoya's revenge - or "Stop saying that!" (The Princess Bride)
Casey Jones vs Michelangelo - or "Cricket? No one understands cricket! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
The T-1000 (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)
The T-Rex Escapes (Jurassic Park)
Draco VS Bowen - or "Come - Visit the woods!" (Dragonheart
What are your favorite scenes from the horror movies?
Gabriel Byrne vs. Arnold in the apartment (End of Days)
Frankie Page Kicks Father Kiernan's butt (Stigmata)
The Clown comes to life (Polterguest)
The Sewer -- Part I (IT)
The Priests Death (The Omen)
Dirty Bird - or Annie Smashes Paul's feet (Misery)
Issac's Return (Children of the Corn)
Valek's massacre in the hotel (Vampires)
Transformation from Hyde to Jekyll (Mary Riely)
Louis' Revenge (Interview with the Vampire)
The Church (Pumpkinhead)
Kruger's puppet (Nightmare on Elm Street 3)
Now select your favorite Romantic scene
Lancelot owes Gueneviere a kiss (First Knight)
Adam is afraid of giving up his heart (Untamed Hearts)
Tristan & his sister-in-law (Legends of the Fall)
Vincent kisses Catherine (Beauty & the beast)
Mina has dinner with the prince (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
Edward holds Julie (Edward Scissorhands)
Henry proposes to Danielle (Ever After)
Victor survives pnemonia/reunion with Elizabeth (Frankenstein)
Madeline and Orry in the church (North & South)
Richard's Death & Reunion (Somewhere in Time)
Annie's Birthday (Overboard)
Avacdor & Yentle (Yentle)
Making love with death (Meet Joe Black)
Time of my life (Dirty Dancing)
Making Pottery (Ghost)
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