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so wat annoys u the most...
which of these annoys you the most in school
lunch ladys not wearing hair nets
teachers giving you homework for the weekend
not being able to chew gum
short passing periods
having you do the work you missed when u were sick
having to watch boring videos
when your teacher has "favored" students
taking really hard tests that could make you fail
teachers not saying your name right
getting evil "subs" that don't know what to do
when the teacher doesn't let u go to the bathroom
when the teachers talks about something you dont think you need to know in the future
what annoys you the most on the radio and tv ?
2 many commercials
2 many "real live shows"
2 much talking
2 many spanish programs that you can't understand
2 many reruns and repeating commercials
2 many good shows that are on when you sleep
2 many episodes and not enough movies
2 much talking about the weather
what annoys you during winter
the trees have no leaves
its cold
you have to wear coats, hats, gloves, etc.
you can't go to the swimming pool
it snows
u can't get a tan unless you go to a hot state
wat annoys u the most about the computer
pop up windows
no one is ever online except me
can't ever find good information i need
i get to much trash/porn e-mails
the time goes by 2 quickly when ur on the internet
your parents yelling at you to get of the comp
when your comp freezes
nothing, I LOVE MY COMPUTER :) :) :) :)
This poll was created on 2002-11-09 19:40:22 by aleksandra