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High School Upskirts?

I'm just curious as to how many people look up girls' skirts and what the girls think about it. This is a poll for high school students only.
Guys, have you ever intentionally looked up a girl's skirt while on the stairs?
Yes, and I do so often.
Yes, and I do it every now and then.
Yes, but rarely.
Only once.
Guys, have you ever looked up a girl's skirt during school when she spread her legs a little too wide sitting down?
Yes, whenever I get the opportunity.
Yes, every now and then.
Yes, but only rarely.
Only once.
Girls, how often do you think guys look up your skirt?
Often, at least daily.
Every now and then.
I don't think it ever happens.
Girls, does it bother you that guys look up your skirt?
Yes, because it's too perverted.
Yes, because I don't want guys seeing my panties.
Yes, because it's possible that they'll see more than I intend.
A little, but they're just being guys.
Not really, they're just panties.
I like it, it makes me feel sexy.
Girls, have you ever lifted up your own skirt to show your panties to a guy during school?
Yes, all the time.
Yes, sometimes just to flirt.
Just one time.
Never, that's too promiscuous.
Girls, has anyone ever flipped up your skirt in school, revealing your panties?
Yes, a guy did because he wanted to see my panties.
Yes, a girl did that just to be silly.
No, things like that get one in big trouble at our school.
No, that's never happened to me.
Girls, if you answered yes to the above question, did it bother you?
Yes, everyone saw my panties!
A little bit, it was kind of funny but a little embarassing.
Not at all. Why would it?
Guys, did you ever get in trouble for looking up a girl's skirt, lifting up a girl's skirt, or anything like that?
Yes, I got expelled!
Yes, I got suspended.
Yes, just a detention.
Nope, never.
Girls, do you do anything to stop guys from seeing up your skirt?
Walk on the other side of the stairs.
Wear shorts under the skirt.
Hold your skirt against your butt as you go up stairs.
I don't try to stop guys from seeing up my skirt.
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This poll was created on 2002-09-01 02:33:06 by ViceSniper