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Mixed Wrestling Celebrities!

Famous guys and girls battle it out in tough ring matches to determine the best sex in wrestling!
Famke Janssen in black bikini wrestles red speedo clad David Sawa
Famke wins over young David with a rib-crushing bodyscissors
David wins with a tight headscissors
Lucy Liu in sports bra and gi-trousers fights shirtless Leo DiCaprio who is in jeans
Lucy uses kicks and fists on taller Leo and wins with a neck-foot-press
Leo wins with an arm-bar
Green bikini clad Alyson Hannigan wrestles Jason Biggs who wears white boxers
Alyson claims victory to a tearful Jason with a violent camel-clutch
Jason uses a leg-pull to make Alyson give
Statesque Claudia Schiffer at 5'11" wearing a black leather bikini fights shorter Rob Lowe in red shorts
Claudia breaks him apart with many scissors and takes him out with a bodyslam!
Rob uses a bodyscissors/toe-hold compo that makes Claudia give in seconds!
Natalie Portman in a red one piece wrestles co star Hayden Christensen who is in white speedos
Natalie uses a groin kick and a bodyscissors/groin grab combo forcing him to scream his submission!
Hayden makes Natalie give to a crushing back-breaker!
Powerful Brooke Shields wrestles Matt Dillon dressed as Jungle girl vs Jungle boy
Brooke uses her feet to stomp, destroy and hurt Matt who gives up quickly!
Matt breaks through Brooke's feet attack and wins with a matchbook pin
Cameron Diaz in silver sports bikini wrestles Kevin Zeger who wears blue speedos
Cameron brings him down with a flying headscissors stunning him!
Kevin wins with a double toe hold making Cameron give screaming!
Milla Jovovich in red one piece swimsuit and Eric Mabius in black boxers grapple for supremacy
Milla wins with expert multiple scissors that leave Eric out cold on the ring
Eric wins with a breast claw!
Mimi Lesseos in black bikini and Brad Pitt in white speedos wrestle in a tough match
Mimi's wrestling expertise has him sobbing while she twists, flips and abuses his body in many holds
Brad wins with an excellent sleeper!
Liv Tyler in grey sports bra and panties wrestles Macaulay Culkin who wears silver speedos
She tortures him in various holds ending with her foot on his face while she hurts his toes
Macaulay punishes Tyler badly with an expert bow and arrow
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