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Female Celebrity Gunge Games

How would you like to see more female celebrities pied, gunged, slimed, and dunked on UK TV? Here you can tell us what you'd like to see happen!

What is your favourite method of seeing a beautiful young lady get messy on TV?

2% (164) Bucket of water over the head
9% (579) Custard pie in the face
7% (444) Baked beans down her blouse
47% (2746) Sat in a gunge tank and slimed all over
32% (1858) Dunked in a large vat of gunge to ensure total coverage

5791 voters have answered this question.

Which of these female celebs would you most like to see get gunged?

24% (2284) Britney Spears
3% (344) Catherine Zeta Jones
12% (1177) Courteney Cox
2% (248) Elizabeth Hurley
1% (120) Gillian Anderson
8% (777) Jennifer Aniston
12% (1173) Natalie Portman
17% (1602) Nicole Kidman
1% (168) Sandra Bullock
12% (1191) Sarah Michelle Gellar
3% (334) Shania Twain

9418 voters have answered this question.

What should the celebrity be wearing to ensure they are fully embarassed?

22% (1298) Micro-bikini and high heels
24% (1417) Full lacy underwear
17% (1022) Sexy clubbing gear
17% (1015) Jeans and T-shirt
17% (1034) Full Evening Wear

5786 voters have answered this question.

How should she react to her gunging?

35% (2158) With a great big smile!
29% (1756) Grin and bear it
4% (293) Pout and sack her agent
21% (1316) Scream and shout
8% (525) Cry

6048 voters have answered this question.

Would it be more fun to see...

73% (4230) her sit around the TV studio for the rest of the show in her slimy clothes
26% (1523) her being hosed down with cold water after the show

5753 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2002-08-27 21:31:21 by DJS
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