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You can't seem to avoid the Marykate and Ashley Olsen twins.
What gender are you?
What age are you?
The same age as the Olsens. (16)
Younger than the Olsens.
Older than the Olsens.
If you saw a picture of the twins, could you tell someone who is who?
No, they look exactly the same to me.
Yes, I watch them alot and can see differences in them.
Maybe, It all depends on the picture.
Did you used to watch them on Full House?
Yes, it was one of my favorite shows.
Yes, but not to watch them, I liked John Stamos.
No, That Full House show was crap.
Huh? They were on a tv show?
Are they liked more by females or males?
I'm female and I think they are really cute.
I'm female and think they are average looking.
I'm female and think they are below average looking.
I'm male and think they are really cute.
I'm male and think they are average looking.
I'm male and think they are below average looking.
Ladies, have you ever bought an article of clothing which was part of the Marykate and Ashley fashion line?
Yes, they have some cute clothes.
No, their clothing line is not my style.
No, I'd like some but can't find any in my area.
No, it is too expensive.
Do you own any of the many videos which they have put out?
Yes, some of them when they were 10 or under.
Yes, some of them when they were 11 to 14
Yes, I like the ones where they are older and date.
Yes, I think I own them all.
No, I'm just a kid, I can't afford them.
No, Pay to watch them act? give me a break.
They must be getting tired of each other. How much longer will they keep this twin thing going?
I think it will go on forever.
Only as long as the money keeps rolling in.
Until one of them gets married.
Just a few more years. They will get different interests.
They already are ready to split. Behind the scenes it's a catfight.
What happens if and when they split?
Both will keep acting careers.
One will keep acting and one will find a different carrer.
Both will give up acting.
Tiffany recently posed for Playboy to give herself a more adult image. Do you think one of the twins will pose for Playboy in the future?
If one of them does pose nude, what would be your reaction?
I would be very disappointed in her. I'd lose interest in her.
It would hurt me, but I'd still like her.
Who cares? I wouldn't bother to look at it.
I'd kind of like to see what a 20 year old naked Olsen looks like.
Boing!! I'd take the picture into the bathroom with me and do my thang!
This poll was created on 2002-08-26 04:33:34 by wesley