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PINK: Great Singer or White Trash?

If you have ever heard of, heard, seen, or otherwise been exposed to PINK and her under-arms, then VOTE here!
Have you ever seen and heard PINK on TV, cable, radio, magazine, movie theater, nightclub, etc.?
What do you think of, when you hear PINK singing?
She's a great Diva!
A stray cat in heat scratching its nails on a chalkboard
Lame Generic MTV video voice
What do you think of, when you see PINK on TV, video, cable, etc.?
She's Hot & Sexy!
Low Rent Trailer Parks & White Trash
Porky Pig nose & sticky under-arms
Ugly White Crack-head?
Are you tired of seeing PINK's under-arms in every video, MTV, awards show appearances, concerts, etc.?
Pink's Under-arms are awesome!
Time for a shave, gurl-fren; yore underarms ain't all dat!
Do you think PINK exudes heterosexuality, or is she trying to play both sides of the audiences?
Pink is all hetersexual woman!
Pink likes to tease dat she be bi-sexual
Pink has dat Lezbo thing going~
Would you like to date Pink even though she would openly cheat on you?
I am a man who loves PINK
I am a woman who loves PINK
I am not interested in PINK sexually.
If you could control PINK's career, when would you release her next CD and video?
As Soon As Possible!
In a few months while she is still hot!
Permanently shelve her recordings and advise her to get a job as a bouncer at a biker-bar
This poll was created on 2002-08-19 07:43:32 by actionheroes