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Violence and Sex in Video Games

10 years ago a game like gta 3 would've been unheard of. But despite the controversy gta 3 has sold over six million copys. Since violent movies and video games there has been school shootings drivebys etc. Are they to blame? Voice your opion here.
It is because of movies and video games that kids kill other kids nowdays.
Of Course! Games like Gta 3 are to blame.
Well thats part of the cause
no! thats redicoulous its the kids fault
Do you sometimes find yourself scared that these games actually can be sold to kids?
Yes the world has become scarier since these games
No its becuase of harrassment at school
Matt Hoffmans Pro Bmx XXX and Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball promise to change the face of video games forever by including nudity. What are your thoughts on this?
This is horrible.
This could give video games a bad name
This is great! I've waited for this!
Parents this is for you. Have you ever bought a M rated game for your child?
Yes they wont be affected by it. I trust him/her
No I only buy E rated games for my kid
In the future these games will be gorier and worse than even Gta3. Will you continue to buy these Video game systems?
Yes I love them
Well After Playstation 3 Im going to get a life
No way
This poll was created on 2002-08-14 23:02:08 by omnislasher69