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Food fight anyone?

I've always thought there aren't enough food fights around. Do you agree? Great so who's gonna throw the 1st one?? You talkin ta me???
Do you like food fights?
I lurve them to pieces!!
Yeah I do
Sounds kinda fun
erm, I'd rather not admit it, but it makes me feel kinda loverly inside
Slide towards the door
Scream in horror
Have you ever been in a food fight?
Yes, and I start them!
Yes, a few
Only one
If I organised a themed fancy dress party with great music and a guaranteed massive all-out food fight, would you come?
*EEK!* When? Where?
Sure, if I can get there with a $5 bus ticket and the food is free
I'll check me diary...
I'll check me mates...
*eek* No way!
If you said you'll come, what theme should the fancy dress be? (choose your 3 favourites)
St. Trinians
School Uniform Sex-Change
Silver Screen Stars
TV Heroes
Cowgirls & Injuns
Little House on the Prairie
Pretty Party Dresses
Pimps & Harlots
Cheerleaders and Footballers
Something else
If you said you'll come, what's the best food to eat, drink... or throw?? (choose your 5 best ones)
Tomato or vegetable soup
Spaghetti bolognaise
Floppy meat pies
Fried eggs
Gallons of baked beans
Jello & ice cream
Custard pies - tasty ones mmmm ;)
Mississippi Mud Pies
Cream gateaux
Thick slurpy porridge
Flans which have accidentally not set properly
Strawberry milkshake
Something else (tell me what you like in the forum)
And finally, what's the best thing about food fights?
Laughing and being silly
Feeling sexy
Making ur friends look silly
Making ur friends look sexy
Throwing stuff at ur enemies
Letting rip at anyone who gets in your way
Getting massacred
Dancing afterwards
Watching other people have them
And finally finally, are you a babby or a baldie?
10s girly girl
20s prissy young lady
30s fat and preggers
40+ old maid
10s boisterous boy
20s fine young man
30s boring bloke
40+ old geezer
This poll was created on 2002-07-18 03:33:49 by SteveAtSchool