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Sideshow Toys 12" Action Figures

What are your favorite Sideshow Toys Action Figures?
What is your favorite 12" action figure series by Sideshow Toys?
Universal Monsters
Twilight Zone
Six Gun Legends
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
This is Spinal Tap
Hogan's Heroes
James Bond
Brotherhood of Arms (Civil War)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Get Smart!
Dark Crystal
Universal Monsters:Silver Screen Edition
Army of Darkness
Art S. Buck Artist Models
Bayonets & Barbed Wire (WWI)
Young Frankenstein
The Outer Limits
What is your favorite Bayonets & Barbed Wire figure?
I'm not buying this set
Scottish Black Watch
German Sturmpioneer
French Rifleman
British Lewis Gunner
U.S. 5th Marine Rifleman
German 23rd IR Infantryman
Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, The Red Baron
German "Trench Raider" Stosstrupp Markman, IR 186
What is your favorite Brotherhood of Arms set?
I have not bought any.
U.S. 2nd "Berdan" Sharpshooter
Confederate South 57th Virginia Infantry
U.S. 2nd Wisconsin Infantryman "Iron Brigade"
Confederate 1st Texas Infantryman
U.S. 100th Pennsylvania Infantryman
29th Alabama Infantryman
U.S. 146th New York Zouave Infantryman
Confederate Infantry Bugler
Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson
Federal 6-pounder 1841 Field Artillery Gun
What is your favorite figure from the Hogan's Heroes series?
I did not buy any.
Colonel Robert Hogan
Colonel Wilhelm Klink
Sgt. Hans Schultz
I'd buy Cpl. Louis LeBeau
I'd buy Cpl. Peter Newkirk
I'd buy Sgt. James Kinchloe
I'd buy Sgt. Andrew Carter
I'd buy Gen. Alfred Burkhalter
I'd buy Helga (1965-66)
I'd buy Hilda (1966-70)
Who were your favorites from the "Platoon" movie, and which ones would you like to get?
I did not buy any.
Pvt. Chris Taylor (Sheen)
Sgt. Elias (DaFoe)
Sgt. Barnes (Berenger)
I'd buy Big Harold (Forest Whitaker)
I'd buy Rhah (Francesco Quinn)
I'd buy Sgt. O'Neil (John C. McGinley)
I'd buy Sal (Richard Edson)
I'd buy Bunny (Kevin Dillon)
I'd buy Junior (Reggie Johnson)
I'd buy King (Keith David)
I'd buy Lerner (Johnny Depp)
I'd buy Sgt. Warren (Tony Todd)
Any favorites from the "Outer Limits" series?
I have not bought any.
Ebonite Interrogator
Ikar & Ikar's Soldier (2-pack)
The Zanti Misfits (2-pack)
Your favorite "Six Gun Legends" are?
I have not bought any.
Wyatt Earp
Billy The Kid
General Custer
Crazy Horse
Your favorites from "The Twilight Zone" series are?
I have not bought any.
I would like to see a Rod Serling figure.
Doctor & Nurse from "Eye of The Beholder" (2-pack)
Gremlin from "Nightmare at 20,000 feet"
The Invader from "The Invaders"
Kanamit (14") from "To Serve Man"
Buffy The Vampire Slayer and her 3 floating pals? Any favorites?
I have not bought any.
Buffy Summers
The Three Gentlemen from "Hush"
Army of Darkness-Who do you prefer?
Evil Ash
Neither one!
The James Bond action figure series, which ones are your favorites? Which ones are you going to buy?
I am not buying any of the James Bond series.
James Bond-Sean Connery (Dr. No look)
Dr. No-Joseph Wiseman
James Bond-Sean Connery (Goldfinger look)
Oddjob-Harold Sakata
Pussy Galore-Honor Blackman
James Bond-George Lazenby
Ernst Blofeld-Telly Savalas
James Bond-Roger Moore
Tee Hee-Julius Harris (Live & Let Die)
Scaramanga-Christopher Lee (Golden Gun)
James Bond-Timothy Dalton
Frank Sanchez-Robert Davi
James Bond-Pierce Brosnan
Your favorite Silver Screen Edition (Black and White) Universal Monsters?
I have not bought any.
London After Midnight
The Vampyre
Frankenstein Monster
The Wolfman
The Phantom of The Opera
Remember Spinal Tap? Which of these figures is your favorite?
I have not bought any.
David St. Hubbins
Derek Smalls
Nigel Tufnel
Get Smart! Who are your faves?
I have not bought any.
Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) & The Chief (Edward Platt) (2-pack)
I would rather buy Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon)
Young Frankenstein-who are your favorites?
I have not bought any.
The Monster-Peter Boyle
Dr. Frankenstein-Gene Wilder
Igor-Marty Feldman
The Universal Monsters series-which ones are your favorites (these are in full color, not Black and White)?
I have not bought any.
London After Midnight
The Vampyre
Murder Legendre-Bela Lugosi
Bride of Frankenstein-Elsa Lanchester
Monster from Bride of Frankenstein-Boris Karloff
The Son of Frankenstein Monster (1939)-Boris Karloff
Mask of the Red Death
The Phantom of the Opera-Lon Chaney, Sr.
Bela The Gypsy (Wolfman-1941)-Bela Lugosi
The Wolfman (1941)-Lon Chaney, Jr.
Larry Talbot (Wolfman)-Lon Chaney, Jr.
Renfield (Dracula-1931)-Dwight Frye
Dracula (1931)-Bela Lugosi
Frankenstein Monster (1931)-Boris Karloff
Frankenstein's Fritz (1931)-Dwight Frye
The Ghost of Frankenstein Monster (1942)-Lon Chaney, Jr.
The House of Frankenstein Monster (1944)-Glenn Strange
What are your favorite figures from the "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" series?
I have not bought any.
The Knights-Series 1
The Knights-Series 2-Muddy Edition
King Arthur-Graham Chapman
Sir Launcelot-John Cleese
Sir Robin-Eric Idle
Sir Bedevere-Terry Jones
Sir Galahad-Michael Palin
Patsy-Terry Gilliam
The Black Knight-John Cleese
Tim The Enchanter-John Cleese
The Dead Collector-Eric Idle
The Rude Frenchman-John Cleese
The Bridgekeeper-Terry Gilliam
Which are your favorite miscellaneous figures by Sideshow?
I have not bought any
Sgt. R. Lee Ermey
British S.A.S. Counter-Terrorist
German G.S.G.-9 Agent
What characters (as done by the original actors-not the re-makes) from the following Western TV Shows would you like to see done by Sideshow Toys in the future?
None of these
The Adventures of Zorro (1957-60)
The Wild Wild West
Have Gun, Will Travel
The Rifleman
Wanted: Dead or Alive
The Big Valley
The Waltons
Little House on the Prairie
Lonesome Dove
Which of the following War or Action-Adventure movie characters would you like to buy if produced as 12" action figures by Sideshow Toys?
Full Metal Jacket
In Harm's Way
Battle of the Bulge
The Longest Day
Apocalypse Now!
The Deerhunter
The Big Red One
Hamburger Hill
Escape From New York
The Man Who Would Be King
Lawrence of Arabia
Ben Hur
Sands of Iwo Jima
Flying Tigers
The Dirty Dozen
Poseidon Adventure
The Seven Samurai
Saving Private Ryan
Enemy At the Gates
K-19 Widowmaker
Crimson Tide
Bat 21
The Eagle Has Landed
Force 10 From Navarone
The Great Escape
Lonely Are The Brave
The Vikings
The 13th Warrior
None of these
Kelley's Heroes
M.A.S.H. movie
Starship Troopers
Alien movies
The Story of G.I. Joe
To Hell and Back
The Thin Red Line
We Were Soldiers
What characters (original actors) from the following Comedy TV shows would you like to see produced as action figures by Sideshow Toys?
Gomer Pyle, USMC
Andy Griffith Show
The Love Boat
Gilligan's Island
The Cosby Show
Laverne & Shirley
Happy Days
Facts of Life
Mary Tyler Moore Show
Sanford & Son
The Beverly Hillbillies
Dukes of Hazard
McHale's Navy
Batman (1966)
I Dream of Jeannie
Growing Pains
My Favorite Martian
The Addams Family
The Munsters
I Love Lucy
Carol Burnett Show
The Honeymooners
Dick Van Dyke Show
All In The Family
The Jeffersons
Good Times
None of These Shows
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
What characters (by the original actors) from the following Adventure, Horror, Action, or War oriented TV shows would you like to buy if produced as action figures by Sideshow Toys?
Black Sheep Squadron
Voyage to the Bottom of The Sea
Stargate SG-1
Lost In Space
Land of The Giants
Tour of Duty
The A-Team
The Rat Patrol
The Adventures of Superman (1951-58)
Planet of The Apes TV series
Gentle Ben
Grizzly Adams
Sea Hunt
Highlander Series
BJ & The Bear
The Fall Guy
Tales From The Crypt
Kolchak, the Night Stalker
Pensacola, Wings of Gold
China Beach
Dark Angel
Which of the following Police-Crime-Private Eye-Spy-Mystery TV Shows' characters (by the original actors) would you like to buy if they were produced as 12" Action Figures by Sideshow Toys?
None of these
The F.B.I.
Magnum, P.I.
Hawaii Five-O
The Rockford Files
Streets of San Francisco
Secret Agent
The Prisoner
Six Million Dollar Man
Bionic Woman
Man From UNCLE
The Fugitive
The Rookies
The Mod Squad
The Untouchables
Simon & Simon
Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues
Hill Street Blues
Law & Order
Mike Hammer
Hart to Hart
Walker, Texas Ranger
Spenser for Hire
Miami Vice
In The Heat of The Night
The Hitchhiker
Scarecrow & Mrs. King
Matt Houston
Police Woman
Barnaby Jones
Jake and The Fat Man
Murder She Wrote
The Dead Zone
The Shield
Knight Rider
Forever Knight
C.S.I. & C.S.I. Miami
The X-Files
La Femme Nikita
Charlie's Angels
The Sopranos
Murder She Wrote
Which of the following Western Movies' characters (by original actors) would you like to buy if produced as 12" action figures by Sideshow Toys?
Fort Apache
100 Rifles
True Grit
Rio Lobo
Sons of Katie Elder
Rio Bravo
Hang 'Em High
Rio Grande
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Pony Express
Tombstone (1993)
The Magnificent Seven
The Searchers
They Call Me Trinity
The Blue and The Gray
Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
The Long Riders
The Gambler movie series
Monte Walsh
The Wild Bunch
Last Train From Gun Hill
Gunfight At the O.K. Corral (1957)
Tom Horn
Jeremiah Johnson
5 Card Stud
El Dorado
The Cowboys
One-Eyed Jacks
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
The Shadow Riders
The Sacketts
The Quick & The Dead
The Unforgiven
Last Stand at Saber River
Crossfire Trail
Quigley Down Under
The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James
Young Guns 1&2
Tell Them Willie Boy is Here
Nevada Smith
Invitation to a Gun Fighter
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Horse Soldiers
The Revengers
What Drama or Horror movie characters would you like to buy if 12" collectible action figures were produced by Sideshow Toys?
None of these.
The Blob (1954)
The Blob (1981)
The Thing (1955)
The Thing (1982)
Dr. Zhivago
Theatre of Blood
Gone With The Wind
Grapes of Wrath
Dawn of The Dead
The Hills Have Eyes
House on Haunted Hill (1958)
Creepshow 1 & 2
Omega Man
Twilight Zone: The Movie
Easy Rider
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
The Ten Commandments
Citizen Kane
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Which of the following Police-Detective-Crime-Mystery movies's characters (as portrayed by the original actors) would you like to buy if they were produced as 12" Action Figures by Sideshow Toys?
None of these
The Professionals (Lee Marvin)
The Professional (Jean Reno)
Public Enemy
Cool Hand Luke
Taking of Pelham, 1,2,3
The Laughing Policeman
Shaft (new & old movies)
Alien Nation
The Godfather Trilogy
The Dirty Harry movies
Sharkey's Machine
The Getaway
The New Centurions
The French Connection (1&2)
Wait Until Dark
The Seven-Percent Solution
The Maltese Falcon
The Big Sleep
Soylent Green
Marathon Man
Three Days of the Condor
Blue Steel
Dressed to Kill
Night Hawks
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Charley Varrick
The Blade Runner
Ocean's Eleven (2001)
The Matt Helm movies (Dean Martin)
Ocean's Eleven (1960)
Which of the following Comedy movies' characters (as portrayed by the original actors) would you like to buy if they were produced as 12" action figures by Sideshow Toys?
Jailhouse Rock
The Odd Couple
The Pink Panther movies
The Police Academy movies
Caddyshack 1&2
Dr. Doolittle (1967)
Dr. Doolittle 1&2 (Eddie Murphy)
Airplane 1&2
Major League movies
Blazing Saddles
Mr. Baseball
The Producers
Animal House
National Lampoon's Vacation movies
Dr. Detroit
Fletch! 1&2
Three Amigos
Sgt. Bilko
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Man With Two Brains
Father of The Bride 1&2
A Fish Called Wanda
Rat Race
Sister Act 1&2
Jumpin Jack Flash
Little Nicky
The Waterboy
Mr. Deeds
The Wedding Singer
High School High
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
City Slickers 1&2
Mr. Destiny
The Coneheads
Black Sheep
Tommy Boy
Wayne's World 1&2
Austin Powers movies
The Fisher King
The Birdcage
Mrs. Doubtfire
Good Morning, Vietnam
Cadillac Man
Moscow on the Hudson
Married to The Mob
The Mighty Ducks movies
The Addams Family movies
My Favorite Martian
Back To The Future movies
The Apple Dumpling Gang movies
Private Lessons
The Bellboy
It's a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (and sequel)
The Muscle Beach Party movies
Smokey & The Bandit movies
Cannonball Run movies
The Nutty Professor 1&2
The Nutty Professor (1963)
Disorderly Conduct
My Friend Irma
Midnight Run
Which of the following Drama-Medical-TV Shows' characters would you like to buy if they were produced as 12" Collectible Action Figures by Sideshow Toys?
None of these
Rich Man, Poor Man
Dr. Kildare
Fantasy Island
Knots Landing
The Colbys
The Dark Shadows
As The World Turns
Eight is Enough
Beverly Hills 90120
Dawson's Creek
Seventh Heaven
Chicago Hope
St. Elsewhere
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
The Practice
L.A. Law
Perry Mason
Family Affair
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