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The Descent Poll

Apparently the first poll on Mister Poll about Descent, this will gather data on the general Descent community, after which you can view it and so on. Enjoy!
Which games in the series do you have/play?
Descent 1
Descent 2
Descent 3
How active are you as a Descent player?
I met my fiancée in a multiplayer game.
I play it whenever I have spare time.
I play it sometimes, when there's nothing else to do.
That old thing? Hell, I barely ever touch it.
Huh? Am I in the wrong poll here?
Do you like making your own levels, etc.?
Hi, I'm Kruel.
I think it's fun and creative. I like it.
I do some work on a level or two occasionally.
It looks kinds too hard and not that interesting.
Hell, I don't even DOWNLOAD custom levels.
Are you a member of any clans?
Yes, more than one.
Yes, just one.
No, I tend to stay away from clans.
No, I don't have Internet access and I'm doing this poll from a friend's computer.
Do you feel that Minerva is overused in online games?
Absolutely. People should let some variety into their level selections.
Naah. Minerva's still a good level for kickin' ass in.
Uhhh...Minerva? Is that a fashion outlet?
Do you think there should be an online organization for level designers?
Hey, yeah! That way people could share anything and everything to do with making levels!
No. Level designers should just stick to themselves and avoid outside influence.
How much do you know about the Descent universe?
Everything from Dravis' bald head to the workings of my fusion cannon.
Enough to make my way through the game with some understanding.
I think "universe" would be pushin' it, fella.
Descent is a type of alcoholic beverage, right? So yeah, I know lots.
I just concentrate on the gameplay and ignore the story.
A bit of trivia: there was going to be a Descent 4, but it got sidetracked. What's the game called now?
Britney's Dance Beat
Descent IV: Revenge of the Diamond Claw
Red Faction
Red Storm
Wild Wild West
Reader Rabbit 12¾
If you are someone who really likes Descent, how openly do you show it?
I petition my boss to declare my birthday to be Descent Day.
I talk about it a lot and scare off other people.
I occasionally tell a friend about something cool I did recently.
I try to keep Descent, and games altogether, outside of my everyday conversation.
Don't you dare tell my mother, you hear me?
Finally, do you think that Descent should be:
Known, loved and worshipped worldwide
Generally accepted as an integral part of our modern society
Talked about by most gamers you meet
Seen as a decent game
Neither seen nor heard nor played too often
Kept locked in a room with soft walls
Recalled en masse and tossed into the lava pits of D1's Level 7 bossfight room
This poll was created on 2002-07-13 12:11:23 by Muad'Dib.15