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Actors and Actresses IMDB poll

A poll about actors and actresses and IMDB board of the same name.
Sexiest Actress Of All Time?
Rene Russo
Nicole Kidman
Sharon Stone
Pam Grier
Halle Berry
Jennifer Connelly
Marilyn Monroe
Ingrid Bergman
Ann Sothern
Elizabeth Taylor
Yvonne De Carlo
Shelley Winters
Sean Young
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jennifer Tilly
Kim Basinger
Gina Gershon
Diane Lane
Rebecca De Mornay
Demi Moore
Ann Broncroft
Audrey Hepburn
Jane Fonda
Julie Christie
Jessica Lange
Angelina Jolie
Daryl Hannaha
Sexiest Actor Of All Time?
Clark Gable
Brad Pitt
Huge Jackman
Kevin Costner
Brad Rowe
Richard Gere
Sean Connery
Jude Law
Marlon Brando
Warren Beatty
Monty Clift
Favorite Child Actor?
Haley Joel Osment
Shirley Temple
Haley Mills
Tatum O' Neal
Natlie Wood
Mickey Rooney
Elizabeth Taylor
Favorite Oscar Winning Performance?
Julia Roberts- Erin Brockovich
Judi Dench- Shakespeare in love
Gwyneth Platrow- Shakespeare in Love
Halle Berry- Monster's Ball
Linda Hunt- The Year of Living Dangerously
Geraldine Page- Trip To Bountiful
Jessica Lange- Tootsie
Liz Taylor- Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?
Whoppi Goldberg- Ghosts
Al Pacino- Scent of a Woman
Robert De Niro- Raging Bull
Faye Dunaway- Network
Marlon Brando- The Godfather
Peter Finch- Network
Sally Field- Normea Rae
Cher- Moonstruck
Anthony Hopkins- The Silence of the Lambs
Katherine Heburn- The Lion In The Winter
Bette Davis- Dangerous
Vivan Leigh- Gone W/ The Wind
Lousie Fletcher- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Jack Nicholson- As Good As It Gets
Julie Christie- Darling
Favorite Character Actor That Isn't Legendary?
Ned Beatty
Linda Hunt
Martin Sheen
Vince Vaughn
Steve Buscimi
Tim Roth
Donnie Wahlberg
Alice Kridge
Favorite Actor From Hollywood's Golden Age? (Note this does not apply to enitre career, just back during that period of time)
Elizabeth Taylor
Charlton Heston
Orsen Welles
Ronald Reagen
Greta Garbo
Mary Pickford
Myrna Loy
Geraldine Page
Clark Gable
Ingrid Bergman
Humprey Bogart
Katherine Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
George Burns
Vivan Leigh
Marlon Brando
Frank Sinatra
Monty Clift
Spencer Tracey
Lauren Becall
Errol Flinn
Lionel Barrymore
Oscar Nominated Performances That Should Have Won? {Note, the picks are based on what critics' expected to win)
Tom Hanks- Cast Away
Lauren Bacall- The Mirror Has Two Faces
Glenn Close- Dangerous Liaisons
Melanie Griffith- Working Girl
Nick Nolte- The Prince Of Tides
Vanessa Redgrave- Gods and Monsters
Tom Hanks- Magnolia
Linda Blair- The Exorcist
Denzel Washington- The Hurricane
Favorite $10+ Million Star?
Brad Pitt
Anthony Hopkins
Sharon Stone
Demi Moore
Julia Roberts
Russell Crowe
Tom Hanks
Will Smith
John Travolta
Michael Douglas
Alicia Silverstone
Meg Ryan
Mark Wahlberg
Harrison Ford
Arnold Swachernegar (Mispelled probably)
Tom Cruise
Favorite thread so far this year?
Jennifer Love Hewitt- From '99, but going strong
Brad Pitt
Alright Ladies, Why Should Men Have All The Fun
Best Real Persons Actors
Successful Child Actors.....
Do You Realize
Sexiest Actress Of All Time
Why Does Everyone Hate Gwyneth Paltrow
Favorite Movie Characters
Look Alike Celebrities
Why Does Ben Affleck Destroy Every Movie He Is In
Who Was Your First Celebritiy Crush
Zhang Ziyi
Who's who of posters
Jamese 1045
Scully Fox
Jensis aka Y2Jen
Kitten Cat
Tyler Durden
Julian Blanchett
Sir Pimp A Lot
Sissy Girl
Plastico Dominguez
This poll was created on 2002-07-07 02:02:24 by Brandon Sites